Hello! I’m Michelle and I own a growing business. I am a Life Coach. The services I sell are 1 on 1 coaching and online live classes. I currently have about 700 people on my list and closed facebook group. So far I have not paid for any marketing or advertising. However, I am ready to grow. There are a few key areas where I’d like to focus, and that is why I am posting this job.

1. Grow my list. I have an email list and a closed facebook group. This is the first place people usually join. So far I’ve gotten followers just by word of mouth.

2. Sell my programs. I currently only do live classes, but I am now going to record and sell these classes on demand, year round. I would need sales pages/copy for each of the 4 programs as well as a marketing/advertising strategy for them.

3. Advertise my 1 on 1 coaching. Right now my client list is full, but I’d like to have a pipeline of interested clients. I offer a free one-on-one session to anyone who is interested in coaching. I’d like to consider where and when to advertise this.

4. Branding. I have a brand in terms of colors/fonts/look. I’d like this person to help me stay consistent as things expand and change.

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I am a Life Coach who helps overwhelmed, busy women create a more simple, calm life. I do this through 1 on 1 coaching, classes, and workshops.


Facebook ads, marketing/sales copy experience, list building, brand management