I am looking for a VA that can handle social media, marketing, and at times a scattered client! 😉

Hi, I know the title can be a little intimidating.  However, if you bear with me you might find it a challenging and fun opportunity; not to mention wide-ranging.  I am the owner of a growing (not fast enough) architectural firm in California.  I realize I am doing too much of the little tasks which are keeping me from the bigger tasks, like getting clients in the door, that will help my company grow.

This is a list of tasks I do on a monthly basis that I need help with:

Podcast [Every two weeks]

  1. Send the raw recording to Kevin (editing)
  2. Send notes from MDS to Megan for Podcast Show Notes
  3. Upload approved podcast to Anchor
  4. Develop email (infusionsoft) & send to an email list
  5. Post announcement on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter
  6. Contact other podcasts for me to be a guest and visa-a-versa

Monthly Webinar

  1. Update Zoom webinar date
  2. Update PlusThis Links
  3. Change Date on Leadpages
  4. Update Infusionsoft Campaigns
  5. Map out Social Media posts (Facebook / Instagram /LinkedIn)

Newsletter [Once a month]

  1. Send my notes to Megan for a newsletter copy
  2. Send an approved copy to Sarah (graphic design)
  3. Send finish newsletter to Teresa (Mailing company)
  4. Send the newsletter to an email list (infusionsoft)
  5. Post announcement on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter

New Leads

  1. Add new leads to Insightly
  2. Send new leads questionnaire (Through Infusionsoft)
  3. Send Shock & Awe package to new leads
  4. Track conversions of leads to projects
  5. Welcome package to new clients

Social Media [Weekly]

  1. Create a Social Media Program for the company
  2. Project update Facebook – weekly (moving to daily)
  3. Project update Instagram – weekly (moving to daily)
  4. Project update Linkedin – weekly
  5. Coordinate photos of completed projects

Blog [weekly]

  1. Coordinate articles from a newsletter for blog posts
  2. Post podcast and show notes on the blog
  3. Create blogs posts (monthly)
  4. Create a blog post of completed projects

New Book (Complete by June)

  1. Coordinate with editor
  2. Coordinate new book cover
  3. Coordinate formatting book
  4. Add the book to Amazon author account
  5. Post announcement on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter

That is quite a list I know!!  If you have made it to the bottom, then you are either intrigued and like a challenge or a masochist.  Either way, it might actually make you the perfect person I am looking for.

Let me sum-up what all that is above.  I have many, too many, ideas in my heads that I want to implement.  I need someone who can take ideas and sprinkle in some of their experience, creativity, and dedicated work to help our company grow.  I have a clear idea of what I want to be when this company grows up – but I don’t always know exactly how to get there all the time!

Are you the person to help me achieve my goals?  Let me know if you are!!



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We are a small, but growing, architectural firm in San Luis Obispo California.  We do custom homes and residential additions and remodels.


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