Mast Cell 360 Operations Manager/Integrator Job Description

This is a work-from-home position. Our team is currently 7 fantastic people strong and growing.

You will be in charge of providing inspired leadership for the business.  Our company is client focused, serving virtual, telehealth clients with a focus on Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and Histamine Intolerance.

Reporting directly to the Company Founder, this senior role within the organization is a pivotal part of the management team and will provide a challenging and exciting career opportunity for an experienced, dynamic and broadly skilled person who is ready to make a real impact on business performance.  We want you to streamline, improve and manage systems and operations to deliver efficiency, sustainability, customer satisfaction and profitable growth as well as support and drive implementation of projects both big and small.

You must be adaptable, tenacious and willing to work as an effective leader, managing multiple tasks and priorities and fostering a productive, service-oriented culture. We love our clients and our team, so if you aren’t a people person, then this job is probably not for you. But if you are passionate about serving our clients and customers and driving our mission, then we are looking for you!

Mast Cell 360 is a mission-based, stable, profitable company, with the kind of employees who stay for years and love their job.  We are looking for someone who is dedicated to helping others achieve their goals; is highly collaborative; enjoys growing & nurturing a team and is looking to excel in a role where you are integral to expanding the business.

Our values are integrity, compassion, excellence, service, and growth from a win/win perspective.

Successful candidates for this role will be driven & self motivated with demonstrated empathy, strong organization skills, and community/team oriented.


You care about:

o   People

o   Customer service

o   Quality/Excellence

o   Systems/Efficiency

o   Continuous improvement

o   Growth

o   Profitability


You have demonstrated, high-level skills in:

o   Clarity

o   Communication

o   Resolution

o   Focus

o   Accountability

o   Creating team unity and integration in reaching goals

o   Well-managed projects

o   Follow-through

o   Moving through obstacles and barriers

o   Prioritization

o   Execution

o   Steadfast and consistent

o   Holding everything together

o   Achieving P&L results

o   Executing the business plan and visions

o   Keeping day-to-day running smoothly

o   Bringing checks and balances to the Visionary


You are:

o   Personally accountable

o   Adept at self-management

o   Decisive

o   Good at planning and organizing

o   Strong leader and manager

o   Effective conflict manager

o   Catalyst for team cohesion

o   Goal achiever

o   Conceptual thinker

o   Employee developer/coach

o   Resilient

o   Adaptable

o   Able to understand and evaluate/read others

o   Forward thinking

o   Problem solver

o   Persuasive

o   Continual learner

o   Business book reader



o   Autonomy and influence

o   Fast growing company

o   Variety of interesting activities

o   Serving clients in the health field

o   Joining the cutting edge of a growing field



o   Commensurate with experience



o   Beginning part-time with a handful of projects and developing into full-time. Working hours are negotiable, but must be flexible and coordinate with our team members and office hours.



o   Home office with uninterrupted space, modern computer & reliable internet connection

o   Minimum of 2 years previous business management experience required

o   Previous telehealth and online business experience desirable but not essential

o   Previous remote work experience essential

o   Bachelor’s degree or equivalent

o   Ability to work remotely & autonomously and manage a disparate team across the USA

o   Ability to work Monday through Friday within Eastern or Central time zones

o   Compassionate & nurturing leadership skills with the ability to get the best out of people and get results via strong leadership & mentoring.

o   High level problem solving skills

o   A demonstrated ability to meet deadlines consistently

o   Previous project management experience

o   Exceptional attention to detail while also able to see and deliver on the bigger picture

o   Outstanding and proven communication and organizational skills

o   Excellent writing and communication skills

o   Fluent in MS Word 2016/2019, Excel, Powerpoint, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Hangouts Messaging, Dropbox, Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets, PDF editing, WordPress (basic skills) and Square.  Need to be able to utilize & learn if necessary.

o   Fluent in English



o   Work with visionary (owner) to evaluate, prioritize & implement new business opportunities

o   Oversee implementation of new business development initiatives

o   Run the organization on a day-to-day basis

o   Assist with hiring new team members and contractors

o   Identify operational inefficiencies & propose solutions

o   Be first responder in all emergency business situations (not healthcare related)

o   Implement a team project management solution, systems, and on-time delivery

o   Management of on-time and on budget projects, both big and small

o   Management of 6-15 direct reports and contractors

o   Create and implement a content management system

o   Create and implement new SOP’s

o   Ensure all team members adhere to SOPs, communication and data storage guidelines

o   Streamline operations through selection and implementation of productivity tools & ensuring team-wide adoption

o   Manage the creation of a new ecommerce store, affiliate program, and management and tracking for physical and digital products

o   Lead and manage team with accountability through regular check-ins, meetings and quarterly feedback reviews

o   Identify and recruit new team members to support growth and meet company goals

o   Assist in assuring that all legal and regulatory documents are filed, and monitor compliance with laws and regulations

o   Focus on continuous improvement by identifying system and process improvements on within the team, technology, or company

o   Develop, implement, and manage operational policies and procedures, performance management systems, and KPIs

o   Continually Maximize revenue generation opportunities from customer service, to affiliate marketing or other insights

o   Review, manage, and improve virtual practice technology, people, revenue, and systems

Does everything above make you say YES?

If so, please apply with the link below.

To apply do NOT send your resume, CV or cover letter. Instead please fill out the questionnaire linked below. We will contact the top 5 qualified applicants for an interview.

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