I’m a solopreneur teacher, facilitator, coach, and speaker. I am looking for Sales and Service Coordinator, Executive Assistant in the Houston area for some on-site work but mostly remote work.

The core values of this small team (Myself plus an assistant/services coordinator, and other fractional or part time advisers) are:

  • Always learning – Learning random new things is automatic and fun for you.
  • Love your craft – You know what you are great at and care a great deal about getting better and better at what you do every day.
  • Details matter – You understand that perfection is totally unrealistic but have a passion that little things make a big difference and you are on the lookout for subtle ways to make an impact, from punctuation to the exact shade of paint that changes the feel of the room.
  • If those values resonate, read on.  If not and you look elsewhere for a better fit, I won’t be offended. No harm done.

The Job

My clients tell me I’m great at what I do. But, many days I am just holding on to the back of the wagon and I need someone who has a solid grasp of what’s coming, what could go wrong, and has a plan B and plan C figured out.

Specific duties are:

Executive Assistant

  • Own/manage the schedule/calendar for me. – Look that the schedule 12 months out and make sure the vacation plan works and the school calendar is all working together amid all the hundreds of work commitments.
  • Own email for me – Work a system to ensure <4 hour/same day response in some form or other and that people don’t get lost in the shuffle. It’s me they want to talk to but you will jump in and handle things if needed or find time for me to respond to them.
  • Gifts and party prep/planning – I am horrible about planning for gifts.  I need someone to make sure there is time to figure out gifts and parties and I need help deciding.
  • Random local on-site/in person tasks –  This type of thing is not common at all but when it does it’s extremely high value. Taking my car for service or dropping my dog off somewhere so I can catch a flight, could be examples.
  • Customer service – You will be representing the organization and will need to enjoy interacting with my friends and clients.

Sales and Service Coordination

  • Appointments and scheduling will be a constant and primary role.
  • Sales Coordination – You will rely heavily on CRM, handle the bulk of data entry yourself, and present a weekly plan of attack for my outbound calling activities.
  • Session “Glide Path” – There are detailed, repeatable processes for leading up to and out of each client session.  This includes updating and printing documents.  They need to be followed with precision and extreme attention to detail so there are NO SURPRISES for me or for the client.  You are part of the service and will be interacting directly with clients, asking for documents, helping them schedule or reschedule sessions, and answering periodic questions.
  • Session/Client Information Management – There is a fair amount of information that gets collected about my clients and their journey.  It’s an ongoing process to keep it all up to date, especially as the data we collect matures and morphs as we learn how best to help our clients.  A challenge for you will be reading my handwriting. I’m working on it…
  • Periodic On Site Session Room Setup and Maintenance – Straighten, organize, clean the session room. Depending on session count this could be once a month or once a week.
  • Inventory Management – Room snacks, books, and other materials need to be stocked/ordered based on upcoming client session schedule.
  • Know the Process – I expect you to know what we are doing, how it works, and why it’s important to the client.  I have books that explain this in detail. You will be expected to read them and understand them at a high level.  Get a Grip and Traction are two that you could start with.


  • Bookkeeping – Invoices need to be accurate, and timely – 1-10 per month.
  • Reporting – Accurate and timely collection and reporting of business data is needed on a quarterly and annual basis.

This work takes between 10 and 20 hours a week.  My ideal is 10 hours but when things get busy, there is a lot to do. You must be available for a couple hours every weekday to check-in and respond to clients. It’s my preference that when things get busy we work hard to prioritize well and let less important tasks wait.

This work is critical and important to me. The work we do really changes lives.  I need someone who thinks this would be fun and challenging and who is ready to challenge me.  I’m passionate about making a difference for my clients and I need to work with people who share that passion for contributing their part at that same level.

If that’s you, I want to know more. I hope you make it a wonderful day!

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