We are preparing to roll out a specialized website building program for small business throughout the US. Currently we’re getting ready to begin the pilot program, where we will begin fine tuning the sales materials and process.

For this, we need someone to do cold calls. Successful sales will earn a commission of 10%. Minimum payout will be $500 per sale, if buyer pays all at once. Or $100 payment immediately, then $40 each month for 11 months if buyer selects a payment plan.

We have a clear method for finding likely buyers, and a compelling offering. Our site package is coupled with advanced SEO methodologies to bring the client company quickly to the top 5 on local Google searches in their area.

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MacMillan Design provides full service web and mobile solutions to small businesses and not-for-profits throughout the US. Our company is built to provide top-tier strategy, design and development service at highly competitive prices, while maintaining the high standards of quality and client satisfaction our team members developed while working for the big companies in the advertising world. Our mission is to help small businesses leverage their natural competitive advantage against large corporations: passion.


People skills, fast learner when it comes to technical concepts, cold call skills