🍎 Our Operations Coordinator is a warm, enthusiastic, self starting leader who is motivated by a personal and professional commitment to excellence and team success. This person is proficient or masterful in the following tasks and applications, or, has a high commitment to learn and grow fast:

* Cares about growth and fidelity! So, carefully oversees billing and accounting for the organization with meticulous detail, ensuring that payments in Stripe and PayPal are met on time and following up with clients [along with automated systems that ping members] to rectify lateness or delinquency

* Is respectful and direct! So, gently forwards clients to our collections agency when non-responsive to respectful, loving, documented requests to rectify a delinquency

* Appreciates detail! So, produces and edits simple and strong agreements for clients and consultants who are joining our organization, paying attention to edits required for already-produced template documents kept on file [we have a library of documents to work from]

* Real time producer! So, quickly and efficiently produces payment and scheduling links in Clickfunnels so that the team can schedule coaching calls and process income

* Fast action energy! So, can produce simple payment pages, in moments of high intensity, as necessary

* Geeks on numbers! So, runs weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports available in financial systems [Stripe, PayPal] to report on profits and losses

* Loves efficiency! So, diligently looks for ways to increase productivity and decrease costs; Finds “energy” or “time” or “money” leaks in the daily operations of the organization

* Excited about procedures and systems! So, supports development of SOPs [producing, editing, developing, and cataloging them in our organizational library]

* Is a tech whiz! So, knows a lot, or a little, about Optimize Press, ConvertKit, CRMs, Acuity, Zoom, Clickfunnels, Loom, and more, and uses these applications regularly to support the running of a coaching business

* Honors team that functions like family! So, is available for up to 2 weekly team meetings, monthly or quarterly trainings, and hands on deck for once-a-month public facing coaching events


This position pays an hourly rate OR a retainer rate that is commensurate with experience.

5-8 hours/week to start

M-F hours preferred, though flexible

Start time is immediate

Training is ongoing

Required to co-develop SOPs while in training

🌟 Must be a fast action taker, have clear leadership skills, see big picture of a busy organization, work to understand how moving parts work together, define and articulate areas of work, develop plans of action with deadlines, jump in with ideas, and manage time efficiently


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Bookkeeping Accounting Experience with Stripe, Xero, PayPal, Slack, Asana