Hi my name is Dave.

I have a bookkeeper team in India, but they do not address a lot of things that I need done.  They basically handle reconciliation, and keep the books squared away.  Liquos used to be a bricks and mortar company in the heart of Silicon Valley – trucks, employees, and everything that goes along with that.  Covid hit, I moved – and now I live in Sedona.  I still have a few accounts in the Bay Area. But, the big news is I am starting a new software company whose goal is to put smart monitors into homes to track and alert folks when their water filter is going south on them.  So a new venture!

You would be working for Liquos – my current company which is an S-Corp.  I need help with my current company to handle Invoicing, AP/ AR and also other jobs, such as dealing with insurance, and making sure credit cards are paid, etc.  I’m not a big fan of QB Online – but, that is what I am using.  I am looking for someone who can handle what I am requesting, but also if you have a financial / business background is a big plus.  Liquos Corp. will be setting up a shopping cart shortly and will be selling filter systems and monitors to both homes and businesses.


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Liquos Corporation

Liquos has been in business since the early 1990's.  Liquos provides water filtration systems and dispensers to businesses such as Google.  We've downsized dramatically because of Covid, and while we still operate in the Bay Area, I now live in Sedona AZ.  I am still involved in the water treatment industry and have plans to create a spin off business which I am launching.  (And staying very busy with that).  Liquos IO, my new startup is involved with creation of software and hardware to monitor water filtration devices.