In short, I need someone to help me promote a paid, private community.

This is a temporary position targeting ~6 months of ~10 hours/week. It may become a permanent position for the right fit, including increases in hours and wages. Start right away.

We have hosted a live event for five years that helps small firms innovate in their practices. The event typically includes TED-style talks and small group workshops. As we are shifting online, we will need to adapt those experiences to the internet and create a new element of bundled courses for just-in-time learning. We’ve shifted to an online community facilitated on Mighty Networks and will serve members with quarterly guided coaching.

The ideal candidate will have some experience with online learning. If you have created courses before or are otherwise familiar with promoting online communities, you’ll be able to get right to work.

We have someone else on the team who’s focused on course design. She will also be the community manager, so this would be a fully behind-the-scenes position. She will do most of the organizing and upkeep around the community. We’ll need you to take care of the administration around the event so she can focus on her role as teacher and member support.

Core responsibilities will include:

  • Creating sales funnel process and implementing
  • Creating marketing campaigns to drum up interest in the event and to secure signups
  • Documenting processes for future community iterations
  • Working with other team members to deliver projects on time
  • Participating in weekly meetings to define any roadblocks

We have an audience already, as well as a list of target vendors. You will help with converting those groups to paying attendees and sponsors. We’ll discuss the different platforms we’ve used in the past to promote events and how we can improve upon those efforts.

Please do not apply for this position if any of the following is true:

  • You have never created basic pages in WordPress, or used a landing page/funnel system
  • You are uncomfortable working without specific direction on detailed elements
  • You have no experience coordinating a project
  • You need more than 10 hours a week
  • You need more than $20 per hour (a raise is negotiable if you become a permanent team member)

This community is a big deal because it showcases the kind of educational content our media company creates. It is part of a broader effort to engage attorneys, but it plays a particular strategic role as a demonstration of our work.

If you’re the kind of person who can set specific targets, create and implement a plan based on objectives we define together, and are able to work toward goals without a list of tasks provided by the founder, you will be a great candidate.

Please highlight any experience you’ve had with online courses in your cover letter.

Thank you.

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