Join our small and 100% remote team!

We’re a profitable, family-owned vacant land business, selling residential parcels in multiple states around the country.

You would be the person who manages the acquisition campaigns. (See “Company Description” below) You’d push out the offer campaigns using software, then you’d receive the interested seller leads, call them back and close on the deals. Once you’ve bought the parcels, my Sales Manager will sell them for a profit.

I will train you to learn everything you need to know. Part of the job is using user-friendly software, part of it is calls/texts with seller leads, and part of it is conducting due diligence and writing new deeds. You’ll need to have a combination of people skills but also have an acute attention to detail.

If I find the right person, I would love for them to be on my team for many years. This business will continue to grow.

I expect you to be busy 5-20 hours per week and I’m open to different compensation plans. This is a 1099 position.

Visit my social media profiles to make sure you like me as a person. We will be working together a lot.



finishedwithland.com (for buying)

bravefreeland.com (for selling)

If interested in learning more, send me an email with your resume and a little bit about yourself. Totally cool if you’ve been a stay-at-home mom for multiple decades. My wife is stay at home mom and would outperform me if she ran the business instead of me. Start your email with the phrase “Meet your new family member (insert your name)” (this tests your attention to detail).

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We are a small but successful land flipping firm. We do direct mail campaigns to acquire land at a discount from sellers who live far away and have no use for the land. After purchasing, we list it and sell it for 80-100% of market value. The best way to describe it is this: we buy from the people who see it as trash and sell to the people who see it as treasure. It is a business model where everyone wins.

I am the owner (Drew), I have one Sales Manager (DiTina), and then you'd be our third team member! This is my full time job and I take it seriously. I started the business in 2020 left my corporate job in 2021. They say that your spouse is the only family member you get to choose. However, our small team of three people will be a family and I'll get to choose you! I am 33 years old and I'm happily married with two daughters. My Sales Manager, DiTina, is 46 years old and loves living off-grid in Arizona. She was a land buyer that I converted into my first team member.


Great with people, detail oriented, problem solver