Key result:

Create seamless scheduling, planning and coordination ease for CEO’s business and personal commitments.

Key Objectives:

Manage, plan and anticipate business and personal schedule needs

Organize and coordinate personal projects

Collect information and anticipate needs related to ongoing personal and professional commitments

Plan, organize and execute all client support activities (birthdays, gifts, retreats, etc.)

Key Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate, confirm, plan and respond to client scheduling requests.
  • Manage all calendar updates and anticipate duplications, unavailability
  • Protect the schedule based on CEO’s request
  • Research and order client gifts
  • Create and manage systems to acknowledge birthdays, celebrations and wins
  • Support CEO with planning client retreats (travel, accommodations, food and entertainment, and merchandise)
  • When necessary provide onsite support for retreats and events
  • Provide a second set of eyes, brain and hands to support CEO with personal life management. (Doctor’s appts for her and family, scheduling work for home projects, researching and booking travel, etc.)
  • Anticipating needs and being a reliable support for CEO to mitigate overbooking, scheduling and over-committing
  • Ability to be personable, responsible, demonstrate unsolicited initiative and grace with all members of the team, vendors and clients.
  • Be good at fun, being silly and in general having a good time.
  • Create and manage the CEO’s business time and life-time systems.
  • Document and maintain and eye on longer term plans on behalf of the CEO so they don’t slip through the cracks of fall off the radar.
  • Maintain unparalleled confidentiality, discretion and judgement.

This is not a virtual assistant role. There will be no business operations requirements with this position. With the exception of managing my schedule and working with my clients’ assistants to manage appointments and retreat planning and support, this role will not be involved in the day to day operations of my business. This role’s focus will be on helping me be the CEO of my business and my life.


Experienced: Familiar with the demands of a female executive leader and used to working for her.

Mature: Someone who knows inherently performance is based on results delivered, not hours worked.

Fun: You enjoy life and finding fun and good times in it.

Initiator: You see beyond an immediate list of tasks. You anticipate and remember.

Organized without being rigid: My schedule is incredibly fluid. You’ll need to be able to not get annoyed or flustered. I will not fit into your box.

Focused: Distractedness, lack of detail and forgetfulness are my weaknesses, they can’t be yours.

Loyal: if you love to work for someone who loves to partner with their team, this is a good fit.

Looking for partnership, not a job.

Adept at technology.

Willing to work flexible hours throughout the day. I don’t work at night and don’t want to work with someone who only does her work at night.

Familiar with the needs of older kids and understands their schedules as well.

Has worked for a high level executive woman.

Available to travel for team events and client retreats: While we don’t do so now, I hope to have some events soon. This role will be instrumental in creating and executing amazing experiences.

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