This posting is for a new part time sales position.  We are an official retailer for Internet service.  We just started some lead generation and need a sales person to follow up on the leads and close them for Internet Service.  We are currently averaging about 7 leads a week to answer calls from or follow up with them on form submissions.  Our goal is to follow up with the leads within a half an hour of when the come in.  Ideally within 10 minutes.  Currently we are not able to follow up with them until a day later so we are trying to drastically improve that.

You will need a computer to input and schedule the orders once you have sold them.  For every lead you close you will be paid $50.


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Internet Solutions is an official HughsNet installer based in the Northeast.  We care about friendly customer service.  We want our customers to be happy and enjoy their service.  By providing them with the right information at the right time we know they will be happy with HughesNet.

Immersive is the marketing agency working with Internet Solutions to build out a customer acquisition strategy.


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