Hello – We would like to begin by introducing ourselves, Phil & Ian, best friends since we were teenagers and now co-founders of an online men’s brand, Holme & Hadfield.

Please take a look at our Instagram – www.instagram.com/holmeandhadfield

Our website – www.holmeandhadfield.com

Also, please take a look at a few YouTube videos that some bigger influencers have done about us and our products:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCa2N8POWcY (please fast forward to number 1!)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nt_gIgZqSh8&t=807s (fast forward to 12:28)


The brand was born out of a desire to do something new with our lives, we had entered our 30’s and were both burnt out with the demands of the corporate world. We realised that whilst on paper we had things that should make us happy (senior job, house, car, relationship etc), we weren’t fulfilled and we weren’t willing to accept this for the rest of our lives and so we decided to start our own business.

After a number of weird and wonderful failed attempts at other businesses, we came up with the concept of Holme & Hadfield; a quintessentially British brand that is far from conventional and, in fact, celebrates and promotes the idea of going against the grain and running your own race in life and in business. This is where our tagline, “Be Distinct” was born… We decided that everything, from our product design to the way in which we approach customer service needed to be different, it needed to stick out in the customer’s mind in an ocean of “me too” products where everyone is trying to do the same thing with their only focus being the bottom line.

Having had experience with social media previously, we made the decision to invest into Instagram from Day 1, working with influencers from the very beginning with huge success. We have a core of about 40 influencers that we can work with on a regular basis with followings ranging from 5000 followers to 500,000 and in the large majority of cases, they only require a free product to work with us. This has enabled us to successfully launch products and/or run pre-orders on the strength of our Instagram alone and this is growing each time we do a product launch.

Some key points about our business and social media:

  • We launched about 13 months ago and we are close to doing a million dollars in sales in our first year.
  • We expect this to more than double in 2022.
  • We now have 3 full time employees and at least 7 freelancers working for us.
  • Whilst our stock is in the USA, we have a large international following and so this is a big focus for us in 2022.
  • Our social media following has grown from 0 to almost 12k followers in 13 months, built purely through organic growth and with the help of influencers, no fake growth and minimal ad spend.
  • Because of this, our engagement is unusually high for a product-based business; sometimes as high as 10% but normally in the 2-5% range.
  • Because of the nature of our customers, a lot of them are photographers and as such, we get an insane amount of free content and therefore we rarely pay to shoot our own content.
  • We have a ready-made market research group; whenever we want feedback or ideas from our followers, we use polls etc in our stories and we get an insane amount of responses.
  • We actually have our own exclusive Facebook feedback group where we have 50 of our top customers and we ask them for feedback on new ideas, designs etc and so we are able to use them as a soundboard for our ideas.

Why are we looking for a social media manager:

  • Firstly, Phil needs to focus on other areas of the business and so doesn’t have the time to be focusing on social media each day.
  • We feel we have taken it to a certain level that we are proud of but we believe that, in the right hands, it can be so much bigger and better.

What we will need from you on a daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly basis:

  • Schedule daily posts – arranging content in preview (or similar app) and planning well in advance
  • This will include writing captions and selecting the content we will use.
  • Daily stories (we would like feedback on how best to do this)
  • Working closely with existing influencers and sourcing new influencers
  • Playing a big role in product launches
  • Engaging with other accounts to help grow our influence
  • Responding to DM’s and comments
  • Devising a social media strategy to help propel H&H into the next level of IG account; increasing both our following and engagement
  • Coordinate with other members of the team as part of cross-channel campaigns and product launch strategies
  • Discussing how we can potentially use other platforms to help us grow – Facebook, Tiktok etc (although this wouldn’t be the primary goal initially)

What kind of person do you need to be:

Fun! We are in this to enjoy ourselves and we like to have fun with our work, otherwise we might as well go back to our old jobs!
Innovative – come to us with ideas about what we can do, you are the expert, tell us how we can do better!
Someone who can really take ownership of this; we really need someone to take this off our hands but not just maintain it, really help grow it to another level without us needing to be super involved.

If you are interested, please reply and in the subject line write “I AM DISTINCT!” so we know you’ve read this and please answer the questions below:

  1. What is it about you that makes you distinct as a person and in social media?
  2. What is it that excites you about our project?
  3. What do you feel is possible for our brand on socials in the next 12 months?
  4. What would you try to implement in your first 30, 60 and 90 days upon joining our team?
  5. Please provide us with case studies of other brands you have worked with in the past to launch new products and build a community

For all successful applications, we will contact you about next stages 🙂

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Until 2018 we were living a life by default, at which point we made the decision to live a life by design.

We were in our 30s and burnt out with demands of city life. Within the space of 6 months, we had quit our jobs and so happened to be traveling through South America at the same time. After one too many beers on a beach in Brazil, we made the decision to start a business and never go back to life as we knew it.

We agreed from the beginning to share the message to our customers that you don't have to keep up with the Jones' to get ahead. You can run your own race, a race that fulfils you.