I am a holistic veterinarian looking to build an online business/ website/ blog to help, guide, and teach pet owners about how to take care of their pets from a more holistic perspective. I focus on diet, nutrition, herbal, homeopathic and other modalities. I want to start a larger conversation on many of these topics.

My ideal candidate has experience with:


-sending out mailers

-knows how mailchimp works

-writes good copy

-can help me administrate the facebook group I want to start

-can help with social media

-knows how to use wordpress

-help with occasional research

-loves animals and is interested in natural medicine

I will be doing a lot of the same tasks (and I have been for the past few months), but I would love to find someone who is somewhat tech saavy that has some experience in all these areas. I would love to spend more time on developing the content and have someone else help me more with random tasks as they come up.

I am open and happy to pay much more once the business takes off. This is more of a starter rate as I am preparing for my launch in a few weeks.




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