HAILaGEEK is a high-paying side / additional / temporary / self-employment income option without set hours. Once you’re signed up on the app, it works somewhat like ride hailing, but for onsite Information Technology (I.T.) support and repair services.

More detail:

There’s no scheduling involved. When you’re available to work, you sign on to the app as available, and set your travel rate and labor rate. For example, you might charge $30/hr for travel and $60/hr for labor, depending on your skill level and experience. (You can change your rate every time you sign on to the app).

Businesses near you, who need IT support, see you on the map, look at your skills and ratings, then contact you and describe the work to be done. If it’s work you want to take on, you accept and begin traveling to their location at your travel rate. When you arrive, you see the work in person, and if it’s still a job well suited to you, you estimate the time required to complete the work. If the business accepts your estimate, you begin working at your labor rate.

If parts are needed, you contact the parts supplier, get a quote on the needed parts, and enter the quote into the app. The business approves the quote, they are charged for the parts, then you go pick up the parts at your travel rate. When you return to install the parts, you again resume working at your labor rate.

When the job is completed, you demonstrate to the customer that the work is completed, they agree, then you indicate you’re done for the day or available for other businesses and jobs.

If the job is long and you need to take a break (e.g. multiple hours or multiple days), you let the business know, indicate it on the app, and then return to resume work later or a different day.

The downside:

HAILaGEEK is not a full-time position with regular, predictable pay. It is theoretically possible for someone to make a good living on HAILaGEEK, but it comes with no guarantees.

The upside:

HAILaGEEK a great opportunity for side, additional, extra, occasional income, since the hourly rates you can charge are typically 3x what you’d be paid in a regular employment position for the same skills. For example, if a regular business I.T. support job would pay $30/hr for your skills, small businesses paying you as a contractor will pay $90 for those same skills through HAILaGEEK.

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Job Types: Part-time, Contract

Salary: $35.00 to $200.00+ /hour depending on market demand for your skills

Tagged as: audio / video / home theater, mac repair, pc repair, smartphone repair, tutoring, virus removal, wifi / networking / security


The HAILaGEEK App, launching in Feb 2020, instantly connects technology users with nearby, background-checked technicians for immediate, on-site support and service, "as easy as hailing a ride."


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