* Part-time position, hours vary with amount of content produced each week. Hours will grow with time. Expect 10 – 20 hours per month at the beginning, but quickly scaling from there.
* Edit raw video footage and pillar content from marketing videos, live sessions, coaching calls, etc.
* Take pillar content and edit down into micro-content to be distributed on social media channels.
* Perform video and audio editing based on story sequence and continuity.
* Perform all editing work including inserting music, sound effects, storyboarding, graphics, etc.
* Work closely with marketing team during post-production process.
* Review all edited video to identify any issues and recommend changes as necessary.
* Ensure consistency in brand guidelines and messaging related to content and posting.
* 100% remote position

All work will assigned through our company’s Asana platform.

Our company is built on a very stable base of processes and systems. You will never have to guess what you are doing, why you are doing it, who you are doing it with, and when it is due. COMMUNICATION is a huge core value of our company.

Pay is given through Zelle or Venmo on a monthly basis. We use Toggl to track hours.

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Grow Your Music Studio is a consulting company for private music schools and studios. We help studios grow through our coaching and training programs.

- Help music studios educate children by supporting them in their marketing and business efforts
- We are known as one of the premier places to get business and entrepreneurship training and coaching for private music academies
- Over the past 3 years, we have worked with over 250 studios in Australia, UK, and the United States in a variety of training and coaching programs
- We need your help to get our message and coaching out to more peopleā€¦ this work directly impacts the lives of many small business owners and the students they serve


* 2+ years of experience creating high-quality video for digital platforms * Strong understanding of trends in the industry and proven storytelling ability using video & audio * Ability to produce and create exciting audio-visual content * Strong copywriting and editing skills * Strong time management skills, as well as understanding of video & creative project workflow * knowledge of current media trends and best practices for delivering content to audiences * Experience in ensuring maximum usability, browser compatibility, mobile responsiveness, and optimal load time of digital content * Proficient in Adobe Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, or similar software * Good Understanding of motion graphics preferred