What an opportunity….. That’s what people have said about this position.

We both know you are looking for a fully remote, flexible job, with a limitless earning potential. To be honest I think we all would love that kind of role. This isn’t it (kind of, the remote work part is true and so is the flexibility).

Limitless earning potential though, that depends on YOU. You will get out of this role what you put into it. This role requires you to be part of a team of hardworking individuals that have a growth mindset, who they were is NOT who they will become. This role will be specifically responsible for driving sales for our land selling company. An existing leads database of over 900 leads exists with new leads being added daily, giving you the opportunity to grow your income quickly.

Skills required to to be a winner in this role:

-Persistence (success in this role depends upon your willingness to show up each day to hear 20-30 no’s until you get that one YES. In the hiring process, be ready to show your persistence!)
-People person (hugely helpful, you will be talking to at least 10 to 20 people per day or more)
-Organized and detail oriented (we have a CRM in place so keeping that up to date with key information will be critical to your success)
-Willingness to learn and get better (be someone who always wants to learn and you will go far ANYWHERE)
-Be a self starter – Driven individual (This role requires you to want to succeed. You are the only one who will control your earning potential and ultimately determine your success)
-Sales skills (notice how this is at the end, while required for this role the others are just as important!)

Helpful skills to have or you will learn them quickly:

-Real estate (have an understanding of basic real estate topics and knowledge of vacant land, slope, uses, access, utility availability, etc…)

The compensation for this role will begin as hourly with bonuses for each completed sale

-$15-20 per hour for up to 10 hours per week. Hourly pay depends upon experience.
-Bonus between $100-250 for sold property.

If you succeed in the hourly role we will provide the opportunity for a commission only role offering long term passive income opportunities for EACH sale. This compensation package will 10x your earning potential on each property.

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Welcome to Grounded Properties Land, where our vision is to make everyone a landowner. We firmly believe that raw land represents the ultimate investment opportunity. Can you think of any other investment that is a finite resource, consistently appreciates in value, requires remarkably low holding costs, and provides endless opportunities for enjoyment? That is what we offer to our customers, future customers and what you can offer them through this opportunity!


Excellent & persistent communications skills; Basic computer/internet skills. Ability to communicate with prospective buyers on the phone, email and text. Must have a good internet connection at home. Training in specific software & systems used will be provided.