This role is for someone looking for untapped potential and upside.

We have developed product-market fit for our event at high schools and colleges across the Northeast. We are now looking to expand nationwide and need sales help to do that.

This role is heavily commissioned with the pay range as described above IN ADDITION to a significant commission structure. Commissions range from 5% – 25% depending largely on the base salary you want.

Individuals who are self-motivated will do well as well as those with sales experience and/or relationships in schools – be it high schools or colleges.

We are looking to build a team of smart, optimistic, motivated people. This role can be as flexible as you want. It will start as part-time, though the role like the compensation, has uncapped potential depending on what you are looking for.

Tagged as: business development, sales


We are a small company looking to grow and create a big impact.

Currently, we host "challenge course events" - think an obstacle course event with puzzles, hence the grit and wit. We host most of our events at private high schools and colleges. Our goal is a few things:

  1. Growth Mindset - Oftentimes the only thing holding us back is ourselves. The course is designed to push individuals outside their comfort zone - whether it is the physical or the mental - and that idea that they could do something they didn't think they could do ("growth mindset"), will hopefully translate to things outside of the event.
  2. Team building - One of the biggest values of school, at least from our perspective, is the friendships and the relationships you develop. It is very hard to make new friends and activities where students "just mingle" are less than productive and nerve racking for students. We want to create a fun, unique way for students to get to know one another and make new friendships.
  3. Exercise - Most students, and people for that matter, do not get enough exercise and are glued to their screens - phones, TV's, computer. By incorporating puzzles, it allows students who may be less athletic to really contribute to this event, rather than being dragged through it by their team. So it gets everybody moving, and everybody contributing.

The overall goal is to be at every single high school and college in the country, to have the cost offset, at least in part, by large sponsors, and to have a nationally televised championship event of the top two or three teams from every school. The wheels are in motion for a number of different aspects, but a top notch Executive Assistant is needed to help push these to completion.


All Optional: 1. Sales experience. 2. Prospecting experience. 3. CRM experience 4. Connections to high schools and colleges.