One man book publishing business. Brand new website on Shopify. (designed myself) Looking to work with expert in SEO. Need someone to help me make my homepage #1 for google ranking using best keywords etc. I am starting to do blogs and want someone to tell me what type of keywords to use for the blogs for better page ranking. I have researched keywords/search related keywords on google (I used keywords everywhere) so you can have this list to start.  The working relationship will be. 1. You tell me what to do . 2. I go do it. 3. You check it. 4. I fix it . 5. You check it. etc. This would be the first time that I’ve worked with someone so I’m hoping that the right person will be a good fit. Someone easy going and patient. I’m currently reading “How to get to the top of google”, but I’m no expert!

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Green Olive Publications started in 2015 by CEO John Geraghty.

We specialise in premium quality music books with expert teachings in classical, jazz, pop , blues music.

The first book with the company is The Complete Classical Piano Course. It comprises of four volumes, three audio CD's and access to over one thousand online technical videos.

Currently we are working on a new music book for pop producers, songwriters and singers who are wanting to master their chords, Jazz reharmonisation and voicings in order to play in live or recording situations.


Expert in SEO (Ahrefs / keywords Everywhere)