Hey Moms!

Are you ready to help me get more done without going totally crazy?  Are you willing to give me both help and structure?

I’m the founder of a finance and accounting firm.  We’re growing fast and we just broke through $1 million in revenue!

Things are going well, but I need someone to screen calls and emails, manage my calendar, and give me back my life!


My entire team works from home (thanks #Covid), so you’ll have to be comfortable Zooming, Googling, and Slacking.

Besides being organized and detail-oriented, you also have a Super Power (writing? marketing? math?)… doesn’t matter what it is, we’ll make use of you!

You’ve got 5 to 15 hours a week (maybe more) at any time of day to log in and put your shoulder to the wheel.

Internet skills, typing, writing, and “Google Suite” (Gmail, calendar, etc.) are a must.


We’ve recently started an online effort that involves a LOT of email correspondence with customers, and scheduling. Initially, we’ll start with just managing email and meetings for me.  But based on your availability and super-powers, we’ll quickly give you more to stay busy.


I am first and foremost collaborative and calm.  My #1 job is to make you as productive as you can possibly be (so you can make ME more productive!)  Although I expect a high level of quality, I will not be micro-managing you.  If you bring your A-game, I’ll make our work together fun.





We provide accounting and finance services for small companies.


Clear writing skills, native English, and experience with Gmail interface.