We are seeking an experienced web/seo development part-timer.  Our goals include updating multiple websites, maximizing SEO ratings on each site, maximizing real-estate on Google search results, and regularly modifying all sites to keep content fresh and relevant.  We also have an e-commerce site that uses the Magento platform which we need an initial mass update, including updated SKUs, images, descriptions, prices, followed by monthly updated prices and SEO content management.  Graphic design work experience is also a plus as we would like to modify web images and design along with all marketing materials for consistency, including brochures, flyers, folders, signage, decals, promotional materials, etc.


Field Industries LLC simplifies supply chain for industrial metal consumers.  By consolidating all metal materials in one place, offering palletized kits, and handling transportation from a single source, we remove purchasing complexity and reduce our customers' total cost of ownership.  Our core values are to win through persistence, dedication, and discipline, to never conform, and to be fulfilled.