Seeking a diligent executive assistant for a variety of tasks, both virtual and in-person here in Austin.

This role will require about 5 hours per week, but will vary.

Great opportunity for someone looking to learn from and support a successful and determined executive.

Potential responsibilities include:

  •  Booking flights

  •  Scheduling meetings

  •  Purchasing items, e.g. gifts

  •  Preparing notes about people or companies I am about to meet with

  •  Packing belongings

  •  Selling/returning items

  •  Laundry, clean dishes, trash (1-2x per week)

To apply, please fill out this form https://forms.gle/YhEZDFFGGycVAw2W9 which will help me assess your fit for this role.


Ideally previous experience as an executive assistant.