I’m a solopreneur working on setting up my social business. I work as a freelance peacebuilding technical consultant and use my free time (and money) to build my social business. Last year I started blogging (on Medium), building content and growing an email list. Early this year I’ve launched an online community (which is growing) and will soon launch my website. Monetization (i.e. eCourses and digital/physical learning products) in the pipeline to begin rolling out later this year.

I’m looking for some technical support to 1) design and manage my website, 2) upgrade my email sequences, setup email funnels, landing pages, etc. and generally manage my email automation backend on Convertkit, and 3) send regular outreach emails to peace and social justice organizations to invite their members to join our community (on our facebook group).

Other tasks could be added depending on additional skills, experiences, and interests, but these are the main technical needs that are most pressing right now, and I expect would fill your time for a while. As the business grows the role is likely to adapt.

This role will begin at 10 – 15 hours weekly and may have option to increase hours as the business as the business grows and/or if the candidate has other skills to offer to cover tasks needed.

Applicants must be passionate about peace and justice, or some specific social issue(s) and have skills in the following areas:

  • Website development and management: I need someone to design my website and manage it, in line with an established branding guide I already have.
  • Email funnels, landing pages, and email backend: I need someone to help me rework my email sequences on Convertkit, add in email funnels for upcoming products. Some email sequence writing involved, but mostly reworking lots of stuff I already have.
  • Outreach: I need someone to send emails to peace and social justice organizations inviting them to join the facebook group. This is an ongoing task with 5 – 10 hours allocated weekly.

As a solopreneur it will be nice to find someone who is into collaboration and can share ideas for me in growing this social business.

This job announcement is global, looking for remote VA based anywhere. I have no preference as to your location. Womxn, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, disabled candidates encouraged to apply.

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I’m registered as a single member LLC, and operate two inter-related projects as outlined below.

Everyday Peacebuilding is a blog for dreamers & idealists who seek to build a more peaceful, just world. We will help you to find creative & strategic ways to make real, lasting change on issues you care about, while maintaining your peace of mind.

People Building Peace is a community of dreamers and idealists of all kinds passionate about building a more peaceful and just world, each in her or his own unique way. It is a place to learn creative ways to build peace and to connect with other people building peace all over the world.

The vision: I want to see everyday peacebuilders on every country on Earth making real, lasting change on the most pressing threats to peace and justice in their countries/contexts, and globally.

We make this happen by…

  1. Developing accessible peace-learning resources and supporting individual peacebuilders to find creative, strategic ways to build peace and transform social issues they care about.
  2. Growing a global community of everyday peacebuilders and supporting them to take collaborative action to address threats to peace wherever they may be, and to build a more peaceful future for everyone.