The Intake Manager is responsible for overseeing the acquisition (buy) side of our land investing business.  This involves receiving accepted offer letters or counter offers, negotiating purchase prices with property owners, supervising our due diligence team, and managing the purchase of vacant land parcels.  The Intake Manager will work closely with us, with our due diligence team and, most importantly, with our clients so organization and communication skills are essential. We will provide on-the-job training for all of the tasks for which the Intake Manager is responsible.


  • Receive accepted offer letters or counter offers from our sellers
  • Communicate with sellers (phone and email) to gain insight about their property and explain our process
  • Engage with our due diligence team via online freelancer management services
  • Negotiate purchase pricing with sellers
  • Provide sellers with closing paperwork pre-prepared through our CRM
  • Record title documents with the county recorder via online recording system
  • Request testimonials from satisfied customers


We’re Emily and Nick Edwards and we run a family land investing business.  We specialize in vacant land in several markets in the U.S.. The value that we bring to our clients is that we can provide cash up front for sellers who no longer value their property and we offer properties for sale at a great price to our buyers.  We’re looking for someone who’s organized, motivated and has great communication skills to fill our Intake Manager role.


-Reliable access to phone and internet -Proficiency with Google Suite and Office Suite (Google Docs, Google Sheets, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel etc.) -Excellent communication skills -Organized -Comfortable with simple negotiations