We are positioning for doubling (or more) it’s current client base for 2020 and we are hiring now to build our foundation for this growth.

To be right up front – we are not looking for someone who wants high, consultant type rates. $75/hour or $100/hour should be your absolute MINIMUM when working directly with a client you’ve acquired and on-boarded – but those rates are not possible within our agency.

We’re looking for amazing people who want a steady paycheck without the hassles and challenges of client acquisition and want to work with a team of (what we believe to be) pretty awesome humans.

Position 1: a Keap/Infusionsoft Automation Expert. Certification a plus but not required. This is a client facing position and includes Zoom meetings and/or phone calls with clients, campaign building and other dev work in the app as well as other random stuff that presents in any average day in a small business – ours and the clients’. We extensively use Memberium, PlusThis, MyFusionHelper, FixMyFunnel, Zapier and other add-ons to create an exceptional user experience that converts.

This position will begin at 10-15/hours per week with the high likelihood of rapid increase. You’ll be hired as an independent contractor during our 3-month trial period and then transition to hourly employee status. You will set your own work schedule with the only requirement is our weekly team meeting and completion of work by deadlines.

Position 2: WordPress developer. This position works side by side with our automation expert(s) to create/build the website needs for marketing funnels, membership sites and other website needs that are part of our daily workflows. You should be proficient in all things WordPress, including css. Experience with Divi a plus. This position is not specifically client facing, although that does not mean that you will never need to communicate with a client, only that client conversations are not part of normal duties.

This position begins at 8-10/hours per week with the high likelihood of rapid increase. Like the Keap/Infusionsoft Automation Expert, you’ll be hired as an independent contractor during our 3-month trial period and then transition to hourly employee status.

IDEAL SCENARIO: Position 1 and Position 2 are filled by the same person.

These are an entry level positions and pay starts at $20/hour with an evaluation at 90 days at which point you’ll move to $25 and employee status.

We anticipate those who come on now, will eventually realize a stable, full time, salaried position within our company, earning significantly more than $25/hour… if that is what you want.

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We are a Boulder, CO digital marketing agency specializing in Infusionsoft, membership sites, and small business development. We have a high percentage of clients in the coach/author/teacher/personal dev niche.
NOTE: our website is currently down for a remodel and rebranding.


Minimum: Infusionsoft/Keap, WordPress, fundamentals of online/digital marketing. This is a client-facing position so good communication skills and reliability are essential.