Looking for a Facebook/Instagram and Google Ads marketing expert to help raise awareness for several brands in the kids’ health and parenting spaces.

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Kidcrew is the first of its kind in Canada, a forward-thinking clinic focusing on patient experience, family-centered care, and wellness for children and families. By placing essential health services for children under one roof, Kidcrew is the one-stop for all things for children’s care. The clinic focuses on medical services for children aged 0 to 18 years, offering everything from regular pediatric visits tracking growth and development to various pediatric subspecialties (e.g., allergy, dermatology), allied health such as psychology and speech therapy, and dental services. Physicians and allied health members work as a collaborative at Kidcrew, providing a comprehensive circle of care.

As a pediatrician and mom, I am surprised by the lack of exceptional, credible, and easy-to-digest health and wellness information for parents and caregivers. I decided to make it my mission to build a site that will be the go-to place for tips and tricks related to all things kids’ health and wellness. My website covers a range of resources concerning health, parenting, nutrition, sleep, and fitness. I am very active on social media, with a large presence on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.


Expertise in social media marketing.