Owner and operator, Dan Hanson, is seeking assistance with the development of schedules that meet the daily, weekly, and monthly needs of CRM requests, project management tasks, and general response availability.

The objective of this position is to ensure we have an efficient, reliable, recurring structure for supporting scheduling executive responsibilities.

Tagged as: executive assistant, personal assistant, project management, schedule management, scheduling


DHA Laboratory is a third generation, family owned and operated laboratory performing unique biochemical and nutrient based blood, urine, and hair testing. Located in Mount Prospect Illinois, DHA was founded by Ellen Hanson in 2003 to support the treatment model of the original Pfeiffer Treatment Center. Ellen started work to validate the kryptopyrrole quantitative urine procedure in the late 1970's, and has since worked with the top clinicians worldwide to provide reliable biochemical assays. This procedure has been used in research and treatment of over 50,000 patients with conditions ranging from autism, to AD(H)D, to other behavioral and emotional conditions. Over the years we have made our mission to revolutionize health care. Working hand in hand with practitioners, we specialize in identifying the root cause of clinical symptoms with defensible data and pinpoint accuracy. We continue to support doctors, care givers, and patients in their quest for understanding how to treat and relieve symptoms with advanced nutrients. We are dedicated to successfully molding the future of our health care system, and in turn providing access to true wellbeing.