Do you love checklists and working with structured assignments involving marketing and customers? Do others compliment you on your attention to detail because it comes naturally to you? And are you comfortable with tech (for example social media, WordPress, MS Office Suite, and ZenDesk)? If you said yes to all three of those questions, then I think you’ll love this opportunity!

 For the past 18 years, I’ve been helping job seekers around the world discover and win great jobs using an unorthodox method called the Flipped Resume. I’ve been using a part-time VA for customer support for over 1 year and she’s amazing. Unfortunately, her hours are limited and she can’t take on more work.

My JobHuntingSecrets.com website is currently undergoing rebranding which is something you’ll be helping to implement in the first month. About Me: http://www.jobhuntingsecrets.com/about-jhs/ and https://www.linkedin.com/in/ijenkins

I’m looking to expand my impact using video content on multiple social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and our WordPress blog. Would you find it exciting to start with the best practices of posting videos on these platforms and make the process even better with time?

Of course, making a big splash on social media means making waves and that comes in the form of comments and questions. You’d take the lead on answering those questions with your empathy and excellent English skills (your first language must be English). This will leave both prospects and customers smiling.  

What’s it like to work for me? I’m VERY organized and expect you are as well. I pay on-time using PayPal. I like showing the way, but then expect you take the lead on getting things done once you’ve mastered the task. I like to be updated daily so that I know that the small things that make a difference aren’t falling through the cracks.

Here is a Trello board I created for my customer support VA. (https://d.pr/i/xBebbq) Each card has a standard customer response + explanation + tutorial video which helps her answer about 90% of the questions that come from customers. Do you like that kind of structure?

My home/office location is in Oslo, Norway, however, I market specifically to job seekers in the U.S. Working from the Eastern time zone (anywhere there’s a good Internet) allows our workdays to overlap. My goal is to systemize this video marketing process so it’s low-stress for you.    

Job Description

Part-time: Start with 10 hours per week for 30 days with the possibility for more

Location: Must be located in the eastern time zone of the U.S.



 Video Marketing

  • Manage the re-purposing of video content across multiple platforms on a weekly basis. We’ll start small and work our way up across multiple platforms building the best practice.
  • Work with video editing, transcription, and social media marketing services to implement content repurposing on a weekly basis
  • This list below is the order of priority for which platforms to distribute the video on over the coming months. 

    Phase 1:

  • Update website (WordPress), course content and social media to reflect new branding (color, logos, images)
  • Email: via our ActiveCampaign email service. Manage email content, scheduling, and basic analytics
  • Blog: post video on the blog with transcription using WordPress template
  • Respond to Level 1 questions from prospects and customers

    Phase 2:

  • Facebook: post videos on FB page and manage post boost with marketing manager
  • YouTube: post video on Youtube following a comprehensive checklist of best practices to optimize the video for discovery and watch time

    Phase 3:

  • LinkedIn: prepare posts in LinkedIn for distribution
  • Create PDFs ‘cliff notes’ using template for how-to videos that are sent to our mailing list
  • Create a testimonial page on the WordPress website that consists of screenshots from customer feedback which we’ve received and are currently stored in a note on Evernote.

Customer Support

  • Respond daily (M-F) to Level 1-2 customer support tickets in ZenDesk
  • Monitor live chat during peak webinar hours (Wed & Thur 2-5pm) to respond live to comments and questions from participants
  • Monitor live chat on checkout pages during peak webinar hours to respond to comments and questions from prospective buyers (Wed & Thur 2-5pm)
  • Respond to comments on Youtube and Facebook ads and posts (daily as needed)
  • Eventually, respond to Level 2-3 customer questions with screencasts or video using Useloom (free)
  • Follow-up VIP clients who have requested coaching but haven’t used the service


  • Every Monday AM, compile previous week’s sales data and enter into MS Excel sheet. Send a copy of sales data to a marketing partner.
  • Checking our payment system weekly for occasional delinquent members and emailing them an updated invoice link. Track their payments and discontinue membership if needed.  
  • Set-up macros in ZenDesk to semi-automate the responses for frequently asked responses to customer questions

Daily reporting

  • Use Voxer voice messaging app with me to keep me posted on issues, questions and updates
  • Provide a daily report at the end of each day summarizing 1) what you worked on 2) how many hours you worked 3) are you blocked on anything
  • Frequent video conferencing via Zoom video conferencing app 

How To Apply

If you’re interested in the role, email ian@jobhuntingsecrets.com


In the subject line please write “Detailed Oriented Pro from (insert your city/town) Interested In Marketing Job”


In the body please write me a 14-sentence email including:


Three sentence opening salutation that says: “Hey there Ian, what’s happening up in Norway? My name is _____, I’m a detail-oriented pro, am comfortable with technology, and love checklists. I’d like to apply for the job you posted on HireMyMom.”

Next please answer these questions concisely:

  1. Why you think this job is a fit for you. (black font, Courier, 3 sentences)

  2. Why you think this job is a fit for you (blue font, Verdana, 3 sentences)

  3. Why you think this job is a fit for you (red font, Courier, 3 sentences)

  4. What else do you want to know about me?

  5. A closing salutation including your name, email address, and phone number.


Note: If you are shortlisted I will contact you within a week. Thank you for taking the time to respond.


I know the *right* applicant will really like this job. Maybe it’s you?


– Ian





Soft Skills:

Motivated by making a significant impact in the lives of job seekers

Fluent English written and verbal skills to communicate concisely with job seekers

Empathy and understanding for job seekers challenges

Eager to learn and work with new technology

A natural desire to gain new skills and knowledge within the area of online business

Confidence to be on video for client meetings and regular internal meetings

The ability to speak up when stuck with an issue

Dependability to get things done on time without having to consistently follow-up

Attention to detail

Technical skills + tools

Work with the following apps and platforms. Prior knowledge of the apps isn’t required. Training is available but you should be comfortable using different online tools and software.

    • ZenDesk (customer support)

    • Stripe, Paypal (payment systems)

    • ActiveCampaign (email service)

    • WickedReports (analytics)

    • Social media (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn)

    • MS Office + Google Suite

    • Dropbox

    • Voxer: free voice messaging

    • Useloom: screencast software

    • Trello, Asana, Slack: project mgt and communication