Looking for: Social Media/Virtual Assistant

I am looking for a social media specialist who is profiecient in Facebook Group moderation

Must have experience with Facebook, Instagram, Email Marketing and overall virtual assistant experience

I need help moderating our Facebook groups on Friday/Sat/Sunday from 8:30am – 5:30pm EST

I also need help updating and sending out our weekly email newsletter (using Mailchimp)

Content ideas and creation for our Facebook groups and Instagram is also needed

I need a brand cheerleader to help me out with our Fb Groups and Instagram page!!

Must have: upbeat and friendly personality, great with people and customers, outgoing and professional

Understanding of social media is a must and ability to help people connect online in the communities

Tagged as: email marketing, excel, facebook groups, google sheets, instagram, mailchimp, shopify

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CSBN (Chattanooga Small Business Networking) is a 31,000 member Facebook group community established in May of 2018. Our FB group serves as a "find a vendor" community and place to mingle, network and connect. We have customers who are called Preferred Vendors who pay us to be recommended on job leads and connections (after we screen and "vet" them in). We also have a fantastic website called CSBNConnect.com which is similiar to Angie's List and Thumback where folks can search for and hire local vendors.


We also have the same exact setup in our Huntsville, Alabama (USA) market too!


Social Media, Facebook, Facebook Groups, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Mailchimp/email marketing, general virtual assistant tasks needed. Good people person, upbeat, professional and friendly! Punctuality is a must.