We are looking to hire a Facebook Group Ambassador to help us scale our communities into other cities in the US. – this is a part-time (but could go to full time) 1099 work from home position. This individual should be well versed in all things Facebook specifically Facebook Groups. Content create and familiarity with apps such as “Canva” are a bonus.  Looking for an extroverted, professional, and creative individual looking to help grow our Facebook Group communities in other cities.

Our groups serve as a networking/vendor search platform for customers and vendors alike to connect within these FB group communities. Customer’s can ask for vendors, and our vendors provide services for them. I am busy and need the help! Looking for someone motivated, hard working and creative. This may be 10-15 hours initially. With goals and measurables required.

Enjoy working in your PJ’s sipping hot cocoa as you help our business scale into new cities across the contintental USA 🙂


We are located out of Chattanooga, TN but this is a work from home (WFH) 1099 contractor position –  and looking to hire ASAP!

This person should have solid social media experience especially Facebook and Facebook Groups.

I will provide paid training and teach you the exact steps A-Z to create, manage, and scale FB Groups in various markets.


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CSBN (Chattanooga Small Business Networking) is a 33,000 member Facebook group community established in May of 2018. Our FB group serves as a "find a vendor" community and place to mingle, network and connect. We have customers who are called Preferred Vendors who pay us to be recommended on job leads and connections (after we screen and "vet" them in). We also have a fantastic website called CSBNConnect.com which is similiar to Angie's List and Thumback where folks can search for and hire local vendors. Check out our website - www.csbnconnect.com


We also have the same exact setup in our Huntsville, Alabama (USA) market too!


Social Media skills Facebook and Facebook Group understanding Creativity Extroverted, upbeat, and positive (think virtual FB cheerleader) 🙂 I will teach you the skills needed, what I really need is someone with a great attitude!