We are a link-building agency that builds links for its clients in a way that’s unique within the industry.  Our strategy is simple.  We:

  1. Choose a campaign topic that we believe webmasters will find interesting;
  2. Build an amazing resource on that topic; and
  3. Reach out to webmasters by email and asking if they would consider linking to our resource.

What makes us unique is that we _never_ pay for links. Here’s the challenge: most link-building agencies rely on _buying_ links, not _earning_ them.  Our team has to convince people to give away links for free, with no money (or other incentives) involved.

Our clients love our service because we help them _earn_ links, and we do not engage in behavior that could get them in trouble with search engines.

We’re looking for a copywriter that can help us write emails.  Help us persuade our prospects that they should open our emails, respond to them, and ultimately link to the resources that we publish to our clients’ sites.

The perfect candidate will:

  • Have experience writing sales copy for email, and understand how the words you choose affect whether an email even gets delivered to an inbox
  • Be very good at empathy — can you put yourself in the position of the person receiving the email and imagine how they would feel about this request?
  • Believe in the power of A/B testing
  • Be willing to follow an existing process until they understand it well enough to improve it
  • Be a native American-English speaker

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