We’re looking for a superstar Client Strategy Manager to join our Client Strategy team. In this role, you are responsible for managing the relationships with a roster of our clients. The bottom line function for this position is to ensure the clients success with our services, retain at the highest level possible and manage the transition of clients from satisfied to thrilled.

As Client Strategy Manager, you’re responsible for proactively reviewing your clients’ websites, SEO, reviews, PPC results, & other channels and bringing any issues in these areas or any other areas that are pertinent to the client’s success to the appropriate internal department. You are also responsible for communicating effectively (with a smile) with the client, so they know we’ve got their back, proactively taking actions to move the needle forward in their business.

You are responsible for the overall success of the client’s campaigns and general upward trajectory to make their business more money. Proactively coming up with ideas and strategies to produce optimal results for your clients.

You should:

Be an expert in results generation for your clients, which includes expertise in SEO, PPC, Website conversion, & lead conversion.

Be able to interpret results and look beyond the numbers to highlight positives and spot and explain opportunities for growth, and what our team is going to do to capitalize on opportunities.

Be accountable for preparing for and documenting results of monthly calls with clients, with the goal of sharing successes and areas for improvement and partnering with the client achieve and exceed their goals.


Our reputation hinges on our clients’ success. Our clients pay us for outcomes. We invest whatever time is needed to support clients in achieving their goals. We don’t cap the time it takes to achieve this outcome.

1. Be Fully Engaged. We are completely committed to this company / mission and determined to do whatever it takes to help our clients win. It’s in our DNA to go above & beyond the call of duty. We give it our all and are always looking for ways to raise the bar.

2. Be Resourceful. We take pride in figuring things out and solving problems without being given the exact step-by-step instructions. If we get stuck, we try to solve it ourselves before asking. If it’s something you could have solved by contacting support or doing a Google search first…then we do that.

3. Be Responsive. We are on top of the ball & quick to reply when someone on the team or a member sends a message. If we get a Slack, call, or email we respond as quickly as possible & always close the loop.

4. Be A Team Player. We understand the WE is greater than I. We don’t take a “that’s not my job” perspective but always look to bring new ideas & offer a helping hand. We look for ways to improve things, make suggestions and enhance the way we operate.

5. Be Passionate. We LOVE what we do and are passionate about helping our clients. We truly enjoy learning & developing our skills. We are positive-oriented & bring energy to those around us.



100% Remote Position – Work from Home!
Profit sharing for employees
Unlimited vacation
Competitive salary
Amazing, friendly team

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Constellation Marketing is a rapidly growing digital marketing firm based in Atlanta, Georgia and founded in 2017. Our international team has grown from 1 to over 20 employees and contractors, and our clientele has grown to 65+ clients in that time. Our monthly marketing programs, centered on SEO and digital advertising, are specifically built to drive growth at law firms. We have a track record of helping law firms move from relying on referrals to producing game-changing business growth-- and we have the data to back this up. Our high retention rate among clients is a testament to this fact.