The ideal candidate has a huge heart and the grit that goes with it. This is a client and prospect-facing role, which means you are on the front line. You should be an expert listener who can understand the sensitive situations we often deal with, while having the drive and focus to support parents through some of their most challenging times. Ultimately, your role is to empower parents to receive the solutions they need to get their kids back and restore the unbreakable bond between a parent and child.

This person must have experience with sales and be ready to learn a whole new form of empathic sales and enrollment that is consultative in nature. It’s the responsibility of the relationship manager to facilitate client onboarding, satisfaction, and create follow-on, as well as updating client records based on any interactions. The relationship manager will have his or her finger on the pulse of where clients are in each of our programs, supporting onboarding, follow-on, and record keeping.

This also involves answering phone calls, listening to voicemails, and sending/responding to email.

If you’re right for this position, you’ll want to check in with clients and do what it takes to support them to feel held by CCPI. Ultimately, you ensure client happiness and support clients taking their next best step. Understanding where a new client is on their customer journey is key to supporting them to continue to work with CCPI. The person in this role should have an intimate understanding of where each client is and/or how to locate this information through our database. Accordingly, having mastery of the programs that are available and which programs are appropriate for prospects is key.

The most ideal candidate will attain mastery in all of the skills above and support to grow the company by taking on a prospecting role, meeting people online, and expanding the impact of CCPI to parents and professionals alike.



CCPI’s goal is to grow with a client care professional for years to come. In this growing company, there’s ample opportunity for expansion. Apply if this role excites you, you’re ready to get to work, and you’re passionate about supporting families to live their best life. If you receive this position, you’ll start working on a trial basis for a few months to ensure you’re a good fit for the company and existing team.



~ 20 hours a week

~ Part time in person (if possible), part time virtual

< 90 Day Trial Period



  • Take and make sales calls
  • Listen to voicemails
  • Check and answer emails
  • Diligently follow-up with prospects
  • Answer calls
  • Be active on social pages and responding to comments as the company
  • Scheduling calls / zooms
  • Make notes in Infusionsoft updating any communication with leads
  • Lead and develop new prospecting efforts to generate new leads


  • Interface with people on LinkedIn
  • Be prospecting with lawyers and other professionals to create preferred/referral list
  • Leverage social media and existing parenting groups to network for more opportunity, to support and nurture prospects, and ultimately make sales


  • Learn the ins and outs of CCPI, its products/services, and consultative sales process
  • Be responsible for cultivating relationships
  • Contact people who are about to finish a program and have a conversation/sell what’s next
  • Talk to clients in real time about their concerns, next steps, and wins
  • Monitor and respond to results of client-satisfaction survey
  • Set up reminders to check-in with clients who have specific needs or could want further support and then follow-through and check-in at determined time
  • Check-in with prospects who were a “maybe” and nurture relationships
  • Make follow-on sales
  • Provide sunshine —i.e. keep track of important dates like birthdays or court dates and contact clients
  • Develop process for off-boarding — i.e. a what’s next call to review progress and know programs enough to offer next steps.

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Conscious Co-Parenting Institute supports co-parents at all stages of the divorce and coparenting journey to support kids and families to thrive and evolve. We help alienated kids and parents reunite and support families through the court system to ensure the outcomes are in the best interest of the children


ABOUT YOU Your demeanor • Expert listener • Loving • Fierce • Strong • Driven • Magnetic • Understanding • Team player • Closer • Authentic • Friendly & firm Your Experience • Excellent sales experience required • Client interfacing required • Infusionsoft / CRM required Your Skills • Sales skills • Fast learner • People skills / great listener / empathic • Calendar software (google calendar, one drive, outlook, calendly) • Copy writing / emails • Follow-through • LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram • Google drive / one drive • mac proficiency