First let me say that this ‘Moms’ hiring platform is a perfect fit for what we do.

College Find is a tech company, run by two old farts that can barely use an iPhone.

  • College Find is a resource center for high school students, counselors, and athletic departments.
  • Your mission, if you decide to accept it is to enroll high schools and districts into the College Find program.
  • We will provide all the training, coaching, and help required to get you going.
  • You do not have to sell, simple navigate the maze of each school district we assign you and find the right person, from there we will make a presentation.
  • College Find is a tech company, run by two old farts that can barely use an iPhone.
  • Your time table for reaching schools is 8am to 2pm
  • Two or three hours a day should be enough.
  • We are very flexible with hours, vacation time, and such.
  • College Find is small company, run by a retired Admiral and high school baseball coach.
  • We are easy to work with, old school and straight forward

Coach Bill & Admiral Symonds

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We offer to high schools a resource center for students to take charge of their college careers.

1. Monthly Advisory Guide for students and parents - it embeds into the schools website

2. College Research Maps - search over 1,400 colleges - data active map pins

3. The cream of the crop, we have the best student profile system on the planet -  students own their profiles for life and can use it in a variety of activities, even beyond school. Our phase two athletic profile and network is due in Jan.


1. A friendly and upbeat phone voice 2. If your are a high school parent, past or present, that would help but not required 3. Athletics, if you have experience as a parent, player or coach 4. Able to learn fast and then handle the task without a babysitter, we do not micro manage