The executive assistant keeps the gears turning, removes obstacles, and empowers us to support thousands of students a year. They handle core business operations across legal, accounting, and human resources. They support processes across teacher training, class operations, recruiting, and marketing that are required to deliver our classes and career services.

The ideal executive assistant is friendly, organized, process-minded, and loves to learn, especially about process/collaboration/automation technologies.

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CodePath is an innovative education 501(c)(3) nonprofit building the largest pipeline of high-performing, underrepresented software engineers in the industry. We are the first organization in history to centralize student support, curriculum, and classroom operations across dozens of for-credit, in-person college classrooms. Our unique combination of student-led courses with remote support by professional engineers and a robust online learning platform produces scalable, high impact programs that have received major endorsements from professors, large funders, and major corporations.

Our vision is to ensure every student in college, regardless of background or personal circumstances, has the opportunity, skills, network, and pathways available to become a confident and successful software engineer in the tech industry. CodePath.org develops and delivers a wide variety of programs and supports students over multiple years, reaching students in college starting before Freshman year and then all the way through to post-graduation and entering full-time software roles.

CodePath.org provides curriculum and programs for college students across the United States, often offered for-credit at campuses, including at many HBCUs, HSIs, women’s colleges, and state colleges. CodePath.org is supported and funded directly by the top technology companies including Microsoft, Facebook, Walmart, and many others.


Basic accounting, Budgeting, Project management, Documentation, Tools