We are looking for a skilled strategic thinker and writer, facilitating content construction and delivery across the research and strategic functions of the company.

Primary roles include taking detailed notes at client audit sessions, organizing complex data and insights, collaborating with Senior Strategists to devise observations and recommendations, and applying all data to write highly tactical, strategic reports.

Exceptional writing is key to the success of this role, as is the Technical Content Strategist’s critical thinking abilities, ability to learn and apply new terminology, and skill in writing complex, professional, grammatically impressive reports. Technical Content Strategists carry a passion and desire to uniquely understand the client and their consumer and creating content uniting them. Rather than being overwhelmed by the details, they masterfully lay out these details in a manner most helpful and impressive to V- and C-level executives. Holding themselves and their creations to the highest standard possible, Technical Content Strategists painstakingly subject everything they create to the highest levels of review and scrutiny, correcting their own errors or mistakes before others even notice.

Technical Content Strategists are adept managers of their time and thrive working alone and in a team setting.


Tagged as: copywriter, editor, technical writer


Skills required: A Technical Content Strategist must possess a wide range of abilities, which will include: •A proven track record in the writing of strategic outcomes to benefit clients. •A proven track record in producing high-quality, clear, comprehensible, thorough and professional reports. •The ability to function as the final editor of any given piece, ensuring flawless grammar and structure. •The ability to understand and cater to the needs of clients, consumers, and target audiences. •The ability to inspire confidence across all levels of stakeholders including V-and C-level executives and board members. •The drive to help others succeed and bring unity to many moving parts. •The insight to identify problems and independently take measures to rectify them. •The resilience to work across a number of projects and balance a workload. •The ability and self-initiative to structure one’s schedule to best meet deadlines. •An enthusiasm for strategic content and applied marketing. A portfolio of writing samples is required.