Camp Land Investments is looking for someone to manage workflow of the intake (buying land), marketing, and sales processes.

A bird’s eye view of the workflow within the business:

-Intake Side: County Research-Marketing Campaign-Working with seller leads-Closing

-Marketing Side: Closing-Premarketing-Active Marketing-Working with buyer leads-Sales

-Sales Side:

Cash Sales-Payment Collection-Contracts-Closing

Owner Finance Sales-Payment Collection-Contracts-Account Setup/Maint-Closing

Description of workflow and task:

Intake: We send direct mail to people who own vacant land asking if they want to sell. That part is the county research and marketing campaign. I will handle that part. Once these potential sellers receive the mail and respond to our offer, your duties start. Contact and communicate with sellers, negotiating a price, prepare and send purchase agreements, initiate due diligence and title research, prepare and send deed of transfer and supporting documents, submitting notarized documents to county for recording, and completing payment to the seller.

Marketing: Once the transfer of the land is completed (closing), you are responsible for initiating pre-marking assets such as satellite images, pictures, videos, and ad copy. You will finalize and organize the items according to a specific format then initiate active marketing. Active marketing involves getting the land listing onto websites and scheduled for social media marketing. Monitoring marketing results and communicating listing changes (such as pricing, sold lots, etc). Other duties include communicating with potential buyers, following up with good leads, writing and sending out Deal of the Week email campaigns to our VIP buyers.

Sales: You will negotiate final sales prices and terms of owner financing. When a buyer makes a purchase, you will initiate contracts, setup payment accounts, monitor and respond to delinquent accounts, prepare deeds and supporting documents for cash buyers and those making final payment on financed deals. You will organize and manage the paperwork into files and update records as needed for accountants.

The workflow may involve delegating tasks to other lower-level assistants at times. You will have to manage and over see their work to ensure the job is getting done.

The average work load is 10-15 hours a week. For now, this is a part-time position with a base salary of $1250/month plus a bonus on sales. As work hours become consistent around 20 or more per week, the base salary will be adjusted.

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Camp Land Investments is a company that buys and sells vacant land. We are open to buying/selling land in any area of the U.S. but currently are invested in AZ, NV, NM, CO, and TX. We have expectations to increase our territory within these states as well as enter into new areas.


Characteristics of Ideal Employee You have excellent written and spoken communication skills (English). You are able to work during US hours and have impromptu calls with me same day if needed. Must be comfortable having phone conversations with buyers and sellers, understanding you may not get favorable responses. You are persistent with following up with potential buyers and sellers. You able to function independently. You try to figure things out before asking for more direction. I can't answer little questions all day. With that said, I will do my best to teach and to equip you with everything you need! You are able to give feedback on the workflow and on my leadership... What's working? What's not? How can we improve our workflow process? How can I teach or direct the work better? You need to be comfortable negotiating on buying and selling side – I will handle the large negotiations but small- to mid-sized will become your responsibility. You must be reliable. Able to work small amounts most days. If you say you will do something, it must be done. If for some reason you cannot complete something, you have to communicate with me so we can find a resolution. You are proficient with Google products (Gmail, Hangouts, Sheets, Docs, Drive) and must be willing to learn other technology. You have the ability to trouble shoot tech problems and identify problems that need to be outsourced. You are able to delegate and monitor tasks of other people. Identify and resolve issues with those tasks as applicable. You have strong analytic, creative, and organization skills. You have the ability to identify the high value activities and delegate other tasks. You have knowledge of using social media for marketing. You are willing to adapt as business grows. You will be teaching me as much as I will be teaching you. The ideal applicant is excited about working towards challenging goals, and getting a nice bonus when we get there! The ideal applicant will need little to no oversight within 6-8 weeks of hiring. That being said, my only goal is to support YOU and help YOU make as much money as possible.