Looking for a writer who loves science and literature to help us launch a new non-profit initiative: STEM STARS ARE READERS! Our work in underserved communities has introduced us to many children with a natural gift for STEM (Programming/Problem-Solving/Applied Math/Design Engineering) whose POOR READING SKILLS will prevent them from putting their gifts and their love of science and design to work in school and after.

Our Early Learning Advantage program is very successful in its main mission: getting more kids “playing the game” of STEM. But we realized that even the most effective K-8 Robotics-Based STEM programs WILL NOT BE ENOUGH to help these children, unless we can boost their reading ability.

So we started a new initiative called STEM Stars Are Readers! with tools like “Velcro® for the Mind” and “Reading Flight Simulator” software to help at-risk students get back on grade-level and develop the Expert Reader skills and active reading habits they will need to read and comprehend STEM textbooks, manuals, and research papers.

If you love to write and edit and are comfortable with WordPress, Word, & Excel please consider contributing your talent to help us help talented STEM Stars. Your job will involve creating and editing thematic content, creating and editing blog posts, and working with STEM children’s book authors to catalog and share their STEM titleswith teachers and parents in our Math Science Challenge network

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The CA Math & Science Challenge! is a nonprofit dedicated to providing curriculum, teacher training, & ongoing professional development for K-8 Schools in underserved communities who wish to create Early Learning Advantage™ robotics-based sTEm programs.


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