As a Outside Sales & Marketing Representative  you are focused on growing real estate connections by identifying and meeting with prospective realtors / lenders. Your task it to share with them the benefits of sending their clients to us. You will also be required to maintain relationships with these individuals, so they continue to send their clients our way.

Job Duties:

Identify Realtors / Lenders to prospect to using information from the internet and Facebook.

Reach out to your prospective Realtors / Lenders and schedule coffee meetings.

Share the benefits of why they should send their clients to use to assist in their insurance needs.

Develop strong and ongoing relationships with Realtors / Lenders and generate continued business.


Our most successful Outside Sales & Marketing Representatives have come from all walks of life, so our requirements are a little different than the traditional thought of education, resumes, and references. What makes someone successful with us are the following characteristics:

Motivated by Commissions

Enjoys working with people

Organized and Professional

Hardworking & Resourceful

Excellent Communication (verbal and written)

Must have valid driver's license, clean driving record, and proof of insurance