Around 10 years ago, I decided to “work for myself,” so I started Blue Bike Communications. I’m the kind of person who likes independence and entrepreneurial thinking. I am curious and resourceful. And I love helping small businesses and nonprofits transform their marketing efforts.

Last year, I began transforming my own marketing efforts, and now I need help!

I’m looking for a special person. Someone who understands how to prioritize and meet people where they are. When something breaks, we look around for the duct tape and popsicle sticks. We’re always coming up with awesome business ideas or story ideas or any ideas at all. We love helping people and are the kind of people who are committed to being of service to client needs, respecting their sophistication, and honoring their values.

The work Blue Bike does ranges from strategic planning to writing email marketing campaigns to everything in between. I want someone to help me think out loud about stuff, who is a strategist, optimizer, detective, and organizer. Someone who loves marketing and communications, is a good writer, and who is ready to get excited about helping out the little guy.

You are looking to be your own boss, someday, but would like to have an opportunity to work under a mentor who has been at it for awhile. You want to grow into an ownership or leadership role as a marketing consultant, and being part of a small “agency” would be a good place to start.

This role is 20-30 hours per week contract work, focused on writing marketing content, editing, and publishing via online tools including social media platforms, publishing platforms, email platforms, WordPress blogs, Medium, among others.  Ideally it will transition to a full-time role for the right person at the right time.


At your core you consider yourself a curious person. You like to read and learn. You will likely have a couple years’ experience in the world of working, but maybe not marketing (specifically). Your sights are set on self-employment and the flexible schedule that comes along with it, but you don’t really desire to build a brand of your own. You might be a stay-at-home parent. You might be looking for a career change, in school, or are doing similar work and would like to combine portfolios to stabilize your income over time.

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Hi! I'm Holly Harper. I have been a marketing consultant since 2010 and have an interesting collection of small business and nonprofit clients who need help. They’re not generally super-glam, but they’re doing good work in the world to support their families, their communities, and their professions.

I work in the role of helping them plan and budget to get the most from their marketing investment, and often they need me and my team to help implement the recommendations - blogs, newsletters, Facebook posts, digital ads, exploring new things, registering them for conferences, writing stories for them for local media outlets.


Blue Bike is an awesome place to work because we are smart, we have fun, we love our clients, we love marketing, we care about our clients getting great outcomes from our marketing help.


YOUR QUALITIES  Curious and interested in marketing. Skilled in writing. Creative, focused on outcomes, likes trying new things. Wants to be a part of a collaborative environment. Cool with data entry and scheduling social posts and other tedious things that are always required in jobs. Obsessed with checking how many people open a newsletter or click on a post. Understands how to research online, digging into the click funnel to find information that’s “wow.”  Probably reads a lot.  Very detailed  Is familiar with (or will Google to learn about) media pitching, marketing automation, landing pages, MailChimp (or similar), Google Docs, and social media.