Internet Marketing Manager

Do you want to be part of something bigger?  Do you want to work as a team to accomplish a goal worthy of your precious time?  This ad is not typical because I want you to know in advance who we are, who we are looking for, and what we are working to accomplish.  Hopefully with your help.

Who we are:

My name is Josh, I am the president.  We are a land investment company that places honesty and integrity above all when we do business.  Owning land is a dream for many people, however it is quite difficult to get financing for vacant land, especially if there are blemishes on one’s credit record.  We specialize in low-cost seller financed land that has easy to manage monthly payments and no credit checks.

Who we are looking for:

We are looking for an internet marketing specialist, someone who knows and loves marketing.  Someone who may have experience, building and working with VA teams, or someone who wants a chance to grow into that role.  We are looking for someone who will bring vision, creativity, and experience to our company; a team member that will embrace the collaborative mindset and propel our marketing efforts in ways we never thought possible.

What we are working to accomplish:

The simple answer is that we are selling land to folks that would not normally be able to purchase it through traditional means.  That is a fun thing to do, and kind of noble on its own, however we do have a larger purpose.

Human trafficking and slavery are a blight on society, particularly when it involves children.  That this evil exists disgusts me.  I find the lack of interest in just discussing the subject appalling.  I get choked up thinking about it.  It simply breaks my heart.  Glennon Doyle wrote in his book Untamed, “The thing that breaks your heart is the very thing that you were born to heal.”

I personally became an abolitionist somewhere around 2013 by donating to Operation Under Ground Railroad (ourrescue.org).  It has always been my favorite charity simply because I cannot fathom the difficulty of the mission.  I can’t imagine the pain and suffering they see daily.  I consider what they are doing sacred, and when I started this company in 2021, I figured that if I wanted God to bless our efforts, I needed to make the company purpose in line with His goals.

Therefore, I decided we would tithe 10% of our profits to OUR.  Currently the amount is small because we are growing and much of our revenue is poured back into the business. However, the goal is to get to a point where it is a big number.

About the position:

·         The position is part time, a few hours per day at the most.  It is 100% online.

·         We would have a short weekly call to go over questions and progress.

·         We do have a few VA’s already, but you would be able to hire out roles and tasks as you see fit.

·         We practice the Who not How method.  If you are not familiar with it, you can find a summary here.

·         What project success looks like will be clearly defined.  How it is accomplished would be up to you.

If you are interested in speaking further with me about the position, I encourage you to respond to the ad.  Please put the words “Ice Cream” in the headline of your response to let me know you read the listing all the way. 😊

Have a great day and God bless – Josh


Land Investment Company started in June 2021.   (Yes the name is biblically based.)

Currently focusing on land in the Western United States with plans to expand to other areas.  With millions of acres available in the United States the opportunities are virtually endless.   Land ownership is a dream for many people and we help fulfill that dream with low cost / low barrier of entry land.

Land deals are done 100% online, that makes persistence and communication the key to success.

John 15:5 “I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit, for apart from Me you can do nothing.”

10% of all of our profit is donated to ourrescue.org in order to fight childhood sex slavery and exploitation.  This is an amazing organization doing real good and fighting evil in this world.


Internet Marketing Experience Some knowledge of WordPress Some knowledge of Facebook Marketplace Creativity Willingness to collaborate