I am the founder of a boutique bookkeeping and accounting firm that supports creative service providers. I founded this company in 2014 and we have approximately 20 ongoing bookkeeping clients and around 40-50 consulting clients and are growing rapidly.

At this point in the business growth cycle, I am interested in stepping completely into the business development role to further the growth of the company.

I am looking for a CPA or experienced accountant to review client reports monthly. Currently, we have a team of staff accountants that complete monthly bookkeeping tasks for each client. I currently review the P&L and Balance sheet for each client monthly, answer more technical questions from clients, perform necessary journal entries, and provide support to the team for any issues that arise during the month.

I would like to find a CPA or experienced accountant that is interested in taking over this role. To start it would only be about 10-15 hours of work a month. We are actively marketing and I estimate that number to grow quite a bit over the next year.

This position would be perfect for someone who is looking for part-time work with optimal flexibility and is comfortable working remotely. We exclusively use QuickBooks Online, so you must also be well-versed in this software, and ideally in some of the apps that work in conjunction with QBO (Shopify, bill.com, Gusto).

Please feel free to check out our website and social media to get to know the company a bit more. If this looks interesting to you, please reach out. Thank you!

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Founded in 2014, Beam Financial Group has served over 150 clients across a broad range of industries. We specialize in QuickBooks Online which allows for cloud-based accounting, enabling our versatile team to be 100% virtual. Our staff consists of highly trained bookkeepers with oversight by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who is engaged at every step of the process.

Our boutique accounting firm is an all-women company (not something you see every day in the financial space) who take a deeply personal approach to bookkeeping. We customize our approach to your business according to what you do and what you need.

We don’t just know the numbers, we know your business.

Our team members consist of every kind of woman from moms to fellow small business owners who truly understand the demands of running a company and a personal life. We take a holistic approach so that all aspects of your life are served by this experience. We know your pain points. We see your strengths and your struggles. And we are an experienced, highly-trained team of experts ready to serve your financial needs.

Our team at Beam Financial Group wants to make your data relatable and useful so you can feel completely supported in your decision making. We offer client support, education, and clear and customized reports so that you feel in touch with the workings of your business.

Learn more at www.beamfinancialgroup.com


Certified Public Accountant preferred or experienced accountant with 7+ years of experience with small business accounting. Proficiency with Quickbooks Online software and complimentary apps. Experience reviewing financial statements. Degree in Accounting is required.