We are looking to add a new member to our growing team. We need someone who can do Mailchimp newsletters and optins, social media (IG, FB, and TW), book marketing (we are a boutique small press publisher), Google Excel and Docs, and administration-type tasks like press releases. If you have experience with Teachable and Kajabi, that would be a major bonus.

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Audrey Press:
Since 2010 we've created books for children, parents, families, and schools that inspire. Using beauty as our first ingredient, we plant the seeds of adventure, imagination, exploration, learning, and discovery. To date, Audrey Press has published over a dozen titles in the genres of picture books, self-help, travel, non-fiction, YA, and business.


Valarie is the owner of Audrey Press and a few other businesses. She is a Board-Certified Sound Practitioner and Mindfulness Teacher who guides others towards self-discovery and self-healing with the principles of sound, movement, breath, a connection with nature, inner traditions, depth psychology, and wisdom practices.

She is an author, publisher, and CEO of AudreyPress.com, seeker, warrior, Knowing Woman, and Founder of Mongata, an online and offline center for well-being and inner healing.  As the daughter of immigrant parents, her Gotland, Sweden ancestral roots and heritage strongly influence her beliefs, values, practices, and desire to express kindness and inclusion for all.

Through Practice Leadership, Valarie teaches others to use transformational tools to reinforce the Knowing that we are all our own best medicine that will help them improve and heal their mind, body, and spirit. Valarie invites her students and clients into immersive explorations of the self through Mongata’s in-person classes, online courses, daily meditation practices, and the wisdom shared on her ValarieBudayr.com website.


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