We are an online blog, membership site, curriculum provider, and community resource for art educators around the globe. We’re a small team on a mission to revolutionize art education. Each of us is responsible for a variety of tasks, so we’re looking for a dedicated new member who is knowledgeable and flexible to help us reach more students and educators.

The person we’re looking for:

  • Shares our commitment to authenticity, connection, diversity, and curiosity
  • Is responsible, self-motivated, detail-oriented, friendly, and organized
  • Takes initiative and follows through
  • Solves problems
  • Likes to learn new skills
  • Excels at written communication and technology skills
  • Is familiar with social media
  • Has a fast and reliable internet connection + computer

Job duties include:

  • Customer service (including emails, returning phone calls, etc)
  • Social media (responding to social media comments and messages; posting social media posts to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter; moderating posts in online forum, etc)
  • Managing orders (invoicing, tracking purchase orders, activating new accounts, tracking sales tax, etc)
  • Manage file organization (including organization, loading, editing, formatting, creating zip files, compressing images, etc)
  • Organize and maintain spreadsheet with constantly changing, sensitive details of members
  • Build and troubleshoot detailed, complex email automations and tech integrations (zapier, ecommerce platforms, etc) for product launches and sales, with training
  • Automate recurring tasks
  • Other administrative tasks as assigned (data entry, research, etc)
  • 30-40 hours/week


  • Technical skills relating to ecommerce and online business
  • Experienced with Active Campaign (or similar), Zapier, WordPress, and Microsoft & Google products
  • Customer service experience, especially email
  • Proficient in English language, especially written
  • Must have Microsoft Office and a PDF editor
  • Excellent communication skills and experience working with online clients
  • Ability and willingness to learn new software and technology quickly
  • Completes highly detailed and multi-step processes with ease
  • Can work during normal business hours in Central time zone
  • Knowledge of teaching + art a plus

How to apply:

To help us find the right person, we ask that applicants complete the DISC Assessment and a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The links will take you to versions you can complete for free. Send the results (just the letters and numbers please) to madalyn@artclasscurator.com. If you know your Kolbe Index type, please include it, but this is not required. In your email, please include a little about yourself and a resume. Lastly, please make sure to include the phrase Yellow Van Gogh in the subject line of your email.

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Art Class Curator is on a mission to revolutionize art education with an infusion of meaning and connection. We are crafting a new teaching culture that ignites curiosity and fosters a delight for art. Art Class Curator is empowering teachers with the resources and training they need to elevate their craft and embrace the joy of connecting with art and their students.

We are dedicated to creating deep, meaningful learning experiences that expand emotional intelligence using diverse artworks from across time and cultures that prepare students for an interconnected world in need of creative thinkers.

Our Core Values
We love art and believe in its power to change the world. Art inspires us to be our best selves individually and as a team—connecting with others across boundaries and empowering teachers and students to connect with art, each other, and their communities to create a better world for all.

Diversity & Open-Mindedness
Art is as universal as its artists are unique. We believe our lives, our team, and our community are better when we listen and raise voices and opinions from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. We are committed to diversity and inclusion in the programs we create and the team we build.

Joy & Delight
Paint fades. Pencils break. Life is short. We believe in spending the time we have immersed in joy and delight—personally, professionally, and all the moments in between. We’ve seen the power of joy and delight as a spark for deeper learning in the classroom, and we know the importance of keeping that spark lit throughout our lives. We’re committed to creating a workplace culture that is positive, fulfilling, and bright with joy and delight.

Connection & Authenticity
Connecting with an artwork can change the course of a life. Connecting with people is the core meaning of life’s journey. We’re committed to being honest and real with one another. Each of us will stumble and fail. We feel those losses as a team, so that we can all learn, grow, and rise together.

Passion & Spirit
Most of humanity’s best artworks are born from a deep well of emotion. Our passion for art, our team, and our community enlivens our spirit, fuels our best ideas, and keeps us going when we fail. When we’re tapped into our passion, others are inspired by our spirit. We are committed to keeping that passion alive on our team, so we can empower our community to be the best at what they do—teaching and nurturing students while igniting a love for art that will transform generations.


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