• Are passionate about human potential
  • Usually initiate the conversation, find it easy to build rapport, make others feel comfortable to open up. You love people
  • Are a world-class listener. Somehow you make people want to tell you all about them, and your BS detector is highly developed
  • Take 100% accountability for your wins and losses. You paid for your own stuff as a teenager
  • Say what you’re thinking and are objective with giving and receiving feedback
  • Have a career of success in recruiting good and talented people to make an organization a team of A+ players



  • Really care about our team; the soul of this company is our people, and we value every single member of the team
  • Believe that the internet is shaping how we work and how products are sold, we prefer to adapt instead of fighting it. Ecommerce is just getting started
  • Are deep subject matter experts on all things Amazon.com
  • Care more about your values and intelligence than your experience
  • Are committed to creating a team dynamic that creates empowerment rather than entitlement
  • Don’t tolerate mediocrity. The only way we know is to always be in it to win it
  • Strive to be the #1 Amazon Agency in the world, we are obsessed with being the best


Our Values:

  • Give a sh!t
  • Say it as it is
  • Always-improving learning machine
  • Be obsessed with serving others
  • Do your best, expect the best from others


The Opportunity:

If you’re reading this far it means you’re passionate about human talent and you align with our values.

Our agency will double in headcount this year and we’re hiring for a magnet-for-good-talent Internal Recruiter to own our recruitment efforts and fill in those positions.

We are growing fast! When the individuals you found are excelling at their job sometime later, you’ll be able to gladly and proudly say to yourself: “I found them!”


Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Find, recruit, and hire the best talent to meet our pipeline and capacity needs
  • Create magnetic job descriptions and update them over time as needed
  • Advertise and manage job openings on careers pages, job boards and social networks (e.g. LinkedIn) to source talent
  • Screen resumes and applications; update candidates on hiring processes
  • Interview candidates during various hiring stages, including phone, first-round and second-round interviews
  • Evaluate candidates based on their interview and assignment performance
  • Present an offer to finalists and negotiating its details with them
  • Analyze turnover and retention rates to forecast hiring needs
  • Track effectiveness of recruitment efforts and optimize them to improve hiring effectiveness over time
  • Provide interview feedback, when necessary and appropriate
  • Help new hires onboard
  • Identify areas of the business/departments that require more talent in collaboration with hiring managers
  • Assist with ad hoc HR projects and initiatives


Required Qualifications:

  • Proven work experience as an Internal Recruiter, Recruiter or similar role
  • Solid understanding of full-cycle recruiting
  • Experience using various interview formats (e.g.: structured, competency-based, etc.)
  • Experience interviewing via different mediums (e.g.: phone, video call, chat, etc)
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong decision-making skills
  • Native English Speaker level


A plus if you have:

  • Have the ability to find high performing individuals who may not be actively looking for a new role currently, warm them up, and eventually convince them to join our team
  • Have experience interpreting results from personality tests such as Myers Briggs and DiSC assessment
  • Have experience using an Applicant Tracking System “ATS” and recruitment tools


Who we are not looking for:

  • You’re too much of a project-person
  • You see the best in people idealistically instead of objectively
  • It is too difficult to say NO to someone when they are not the right fit or lack the talent needed for the job
  • You are too fast-paced and therefor miss details because you think it’s better to get it done than to get it right
  • You like to be too assertive and expressive during conversations
  • You like to make your own system instead of implementing a system that already works
  • Handling multiple objectives feels like a lot to you
  • It takes you time to communicate your ideas



  • Salary range: $2,500-4,200/month (full-time)
  • 100% work from home/remote
  • Travel and work OR stay home with your family (we really don’t care as long as you do your work)
  • Flexible Hours (some overlap with US daytime hours is needed)
  • Report directly to the executive team
  • We offer competitive compensation
  • Build a career, we’re in it for the long run


How to apply:

Answer the questions below in your application:

  • Why do you think you’d be the best candidate for this role?
  • Do you have vast experience finding, recruiting, hiring talent?
  • Are you 100% willing to work from home/work remote?

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We manage awesome brands on Amazon.com around the world since 2015. We are a fully remote team in 9 different countries helping clients from all over the world. We work with brands that have made it to the Inc’s 500 Fastest Growing Companies list; listed in the NASDAQ stock exchange; and very exciting product startups. When companies think of winning on Amazon.com we want them to think AMZ Clever.

Our Values:

  • Give a sh!t
  • Say it as it is
  • Always-improving learning machine
  • Be obsessed with serving others
  • Do your best, expect the best from others


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