As an Enrolled Agent with the IRS, you will support our clients with the preparation and filing of business and personal taxes.  You may consult to resolve tax liens, tax levies, unpaid penalties, and other tax issues,  and even speaking to them on our clients’ behalf.  You are focused on compliance with tax regulations and can support other team members with this information. This is a role with strict deadlines and is a fast-paced role.

Conduct Interviews:  In order to get a clear understanding of the client’s tax situation, you may meet with clients and collect the relevant financial documents. You are also able to answer clients’ questions regarding tax and inform them about the impact of tax laws on their business.

Develop Tax Strategy:  You may assist with developing tax strategy, including identifying opportunities to minimize taxes.

Prepare Forms:  You prepare tax-related forms for clients, including multi-year, multistate, and year-end tax forms.  In particular, you are meticulous in your review of tax returns, checking if the information is accurate.

Review Accounting Procedures:  You may support the team with recommendations for compliance in our client’s accounting procedures.

Represent Clients:  With the exception of tax courts, you may represent clients in all hearings, conferences, and other meetings with the IRS regarding tax issues. You may also communicate with the IRS on behalf of clients through in-person discussions, mail correspondence, or digital means.

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Alchemy Accounting is a straight-talking, numbers-loving bookkeeping and accounting firm dedicated to entrepreneurs who demand clear, easy-to-understand, accurate financial information to make powerful decisions at every stage of their business. Whether you are starting, growing or scaling your business, we support you with the right services.

We're not your dad's accounting firm.

You won’t find suits or stuffed shirts around here. Heck, you may not like numbers, but you will love what numbers can do for you and your business. You might have skipped opening bills or filing taxes and secretly be scared about owing the IRS and CRA. We’ve got you. The last thing you need is anyone to judge, shame or embarrass you about numbers, money or finances.

Our goal is to end suffering for entrepreneurs when it comes to their bookkeeping and accounting.  We believe too many entrepreneurs struggle with their business finances. We want you to feel proud of running your business and positive even if you feel your numbers aren’t good enough right now. There is no need to feel disempowered, lost or alone when it comes to financials. It doesn’t have to be hard! You are a mission-driven, purpose-driven business owner with big dreams. Like you, we want you to have it all.

Bring us your unopened envelopes, receipts in shoe boxes and financial chaos. We’ll straighten it out, give you the clarity you need and have you feeling empowered about your finances so you can have the business and life you want.
Trusted Advisors; Trusted Process

Every month, you receive our bad-ass financial report from our in-house experts. It communicates the most important financial information for your business in a clear, easy understand format so that you can stand strong on that foundation and make the powerful decisions you need to make.

Enjoy confidence and peace of mind around your business numbers. You know immediately your current revenue and expenses, how much you owe your suppliers, how much your clients owe you and other receivables. You know what is required to keep your books up to date because we get in touch immediately if anything falls behind.

Anyone can do books. We aren’t ‘anyone.’ We are certified professionals working by your side to create order from financial chaos which leads to an open channel for business opportunities and money to flow to you.



Technical tax aptitude – you must have an in-depth understanding of tax types and procedures to give advice on how to handle tax issues, such as IRS investigations or unfiled tax returns. Research – tax laws change frequently and vary from state to state, so you must be up to date in your knowledge base. You have great research skills for dealing with diverse situations that require very specific laws. Critical thinking – you are a critical thinker who can analyze a client’s financial standing, goals, and tax history to resolve problems and optimize accounting procedures. Customer service – given that our clients are often stressed and confused, you provide a comfortable, safe environment where clients can express their questions and concerns. There are no stupid questions. Communication skills – you communicate details to clients using everyday language as well as having excellent verbal and written communication skills when representing clients before the IRS.