We are a fast growing RIA that provides a suite of family office services to high and ultra-high net worth clients.  We focus on providing holistic planning and work with clients on all facets of their financial life, including income tax planning, trust and estate planning, asset management, etc.  We have over $1.5 billion of AUM and our investment platform is primarily asset allocation driven and comprised mostly of ETFs.  Many of our clients are in the fund industry and have lots of access to various private investment opportunities.  We would like to strengthen our investment team by hiring someone part time who can primarily help with 2 things:

1) We custody assets at Schwab and Fidelity and have access to a slew of active managers.  We would like someone to research all the managers and put together a deck with recommended managers and then monitor / add to the list over time.

2) We frequently see private investment opportunities and would like someone who can review them when received and come back with thoughts on whether it’s a good investment and what the risk is.  We also have access to various private investment opportunities and would like for someone to research these to see if there’s anything worth reviewing for clients.

There would also be client interaction to go through the deck and discuss findings.

We have an investment team that manages our core investment portfolio and while this role will interact with our current investment team, the role would be mostly independent, with weekly regroups with a managing partner to review and receive guidance.

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AJ Wealth is a comprehensive wealth management company. We believe that thoughtful planning and a clear focus on your objectives creates peace of mind, efficient use of time and wealth preservation. We accomplish this by analyzing all pieces of your financial life and objectively designing a comprehensive plan that we implement and monitor.

Our mission is clear: Enhance our clients'​ financial lives with excellent, disciplined and trusted advice based on years of experience and an intimate understanding of your entire financial life, including:

Asset management | Income taxes | Estate planning | Life, property & disability insurance | Cash flows | Philanthropic planning | Compliance | International assistance

There are many different types of advisors out there; investment advisors, accountants, insurance agents, attorneys and bankers. All of these advisors specialize in one particular field and many purport to be able to help you with all financial matters. However, there are very few advisors who can truly and effectively integrate and help with all financial matters. Further, while advisors may be experts in their particular field, they are typically missing the other piece of the equation that leads to exceeding a client's expectations. The missing piece is understanding a client's expectations, so they can be exceeded. It's this lack of attention to you that also leaves most advisors unable to effectively apply their knowledge to your specific circumstances.

We make your financial life simpler, allowing you the freedom to live your life as you choose.


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