This position will start as a marketing manager and inside sales position and will evolve into a full time sales position. Below are the requirements for both pieces of this job. Instructions on how to apply below as well. Estimated hours are 30-40 per week.

Marketing Assistant – 75% of time

As part of the client education focus, we are developing platforms for learning, including content-rich websites, podcasts, and social campaigns. We are also reaching out to potential clients through these platforms and need someone to interact with those prospects and help them understand the value of what we do. We need someone with both the skills and personality to successfully develop these projects. Relevant skills/interests include:

•             Social media strategy and implementation, including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter

•             Tracking and producing reports for online marketing campaigns

•             Managing vendors for different elements of marketing campaigns

•             Attention to detail and time management.

•             Positive “can do” attitude, with a desire to extend existing skillset and be a problem solver.

•             Understanding of how Google AdWords, SEO and Facebook Ads affect conversions.

•             Navigation of Google Analytics.

•             A/B split testing.

•             Active participation in learning and development.

•             Excellent communication skills.

•             Strong leadership ability.

•             Excellent client escalation abilities.

•             Company First mindset.

•             Data driven decision making.

•             Content writing, editing, and curation

•             Conference/Event planning

•             Sales copywriting

•             Business to business marketing, including email campaigns and networking

•             Online Profile maintenance

As you can see, there are many skills and interests that would help with this position. Primarily, we need someone who can interact directly with potential and current clients with cheer and patience. The marketing assistant would work directly with attorneys on all outreach activities and help organize those marketing efforts with effective conversion and follow up techniques. Tasks may vary according to your experience, but you must show an ability to deal with people and to be organized.

Non-Attorney Sales Person – 25% of time

The non-attorney sales person is informed and respectful of bar rules of ethics and professionalism with a special emphasis on the definition of providing legal services.

While the firm Owner does the vast majority of sales calls, you will be the backup sales person and the primary person to follow up with calls that the Owner has performed.  You see sales as a service we perform for our prospective new clients, not as something to be done “to” them. You ensure that the pre-conditioning packages and systems meant to help a prospective new client get prepared for their meeting are in fact received by the prospective new clients (PNC’s) they are scheduled to meet with in the coming days and weeks. The non-attorney sales person meets by telephone and in person, with PNC’s who are assigned to his or her calendar by their sales manager to help the PNC find clarity about their situation, educate them about their options and help them make the best decision for their future and for the firm to achieve its goals. This position keeps detailed notes in a central database documenting all contacts with the PNC both before, during and after the meeting including all follow-up attempts.

This position facilitates a professional introduction (“hand off”) to the legal team once an engagement is signed and then opens the file, manages the welcome process and conducts quality control checks at predetermined milestones during the first 30 days and in some cases, during the pendency of the matter. The successful candidate should have prior experience selling high ticket tangible products and professional or financial services utilizing a consultative selling methodology. The successful candidate should have some “real life” experience which they can use to empathize with PNC’s who often come to our firm with challenging and sometimes deeply personal situations. The successful candidate embraces metrics, score keeping, transparency and accountability. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills are an absolute must both in person, by phone and via email. You should be a lifelong learner with proven track record of self-improvement to keep your sales skills sharp.


·         Manage own schedule to balance availability for meeting with prospective new clients as well as following-up with PNC’s who said “no” and with current clients to conduct quality control calls and interviews.

·         Keep detailed notes in a centralized database.

·         Be a team player and cover for your fellow sales people to help our firm help our prospective new clients find clarity around and relief from the situation that brought them to the firm in the first place.

·         Follow-up with PNC’s who said “no”.

·         Follow-up with current clients at set milestones during their case or

·         Facilitate a professional introduction and transition to the legal team once the case or matter has begun.

·         Actively engage in dialogue with management regarding the quality and volume of the leads, offering constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement based on your “front lines”

·         Periodically attend networking events as a professional representative of the firm

·         Utilize a consultative selling approach when conducting sales calls to illustrate the value and benefits of our services

·         Update CRM system with details of all interactions with prospects and clients in a timely manner

·         Stay current with bar rules and legal industry trends


Education & Experience

·         A strong interest for consultative solutions selling.

·         Proven track record utilizing a consultative sales

·         Demonstrated knowledge of sales funnel process

·         A proven track record with telephone sales.

·         Direct marketing campaign experience

·         Degree educated preferred

·         Demonstrated, proven success in lead generation, prospecting, contract negotiation and closing customers.

·         Experience with Salesforce/HubSpot/Infusionsoft or similar software, particularly reporting,

·         Independent, self-starter who thrives on immersion in a rapidly changing environment and excellent problem-solving and analytical skills.

·         Proactive, can-do attitude, with great follow-through and resourcefulness along with attention to detail.

·         Strong communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to be personable yet persistent.

·         Knowledge of the legal industry is an asset.

·         Real life experience & a few “battle scars” to give you empathy and understanding is an asset.

·         Experience overcoming a major obstacle in life and making an important change in your life so you know at your core that others can do it too is a plus.


*Interested candidates should also include a portfolio of prior marketing campaign samples in addition to resume and cover letter.*




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