As a Client Accounting Services (CAS) Manager you will provide clients with monthly management reports using our machine automated solution. It is the CAS Manager’s responsibility to leverage the automated solution, interpret and organize all the clients existing financial documentation, and capture all the remaining information required from the client to provide timely and accurate management reports.

In this position, it is also necessary to conduct multiple presentations and calls to help credential setup, facilitate an initial orientation of the deployment process, set appropriate client expectations, request documentation, help the automated solution team write the initial form of a Client Playbook, and get the client across the finish line to transition to the automated accounting services. Ideal candidates will have a focus on being highly organized and exceptional communication skills as they will be the liaison between the firm, its clients, and the automated solution.

Duties and responsibilities
● Client Onboarding & Assessment of Services
○ Confirming services being offered to the client
○ Ability to assess QBD and QBO clients’ books and confirm the list of services (included and additional)
○ Work to credential all financial, payroll, sales, and any other system tied to the clients GL accounting software with the automation platform
○ Create the Playbook (document client services and procedures that clients do today and how they do it)
● Client Deployment Presentation and Orientation:
○ Deliver and present multiple deployment presentation calls that provide:
■ The orientation of credentialing and demo of the platform and services
■ Describe the deployment process, including expectations of the client and timeliness
■ Set agenda and reinforce the services being performed
■ Set cadence for calls and calendar of events with the client
○ Initial Client Training and Orientation of the Client Portal
■ Demo and train clients on their Client Portal
● Client Follow-up and Management
○ Confirm and persist in getting clients credentialed on the automation platform for services to commence
○ Act as the intermediary during the initial phases of deployment for all confirmations of integration and financial institution access
○ Liaison between the platform and client
○ Project management for each client onboarding
● Client Health Checks:
○ Monitor and maintain a list of accounts and the status of each phase of the deployment workflow process

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Accounting For All provides leadership and guidance from a CPA's perspective to it's business clients and their entrepreneurial owners. We provide tax, accounting and bookkeeping services with a focus on interpreting the results of the reporting, driving our clients to higher growth and profitability.


CPA or equivalent experience desired. The candidate must be organized, detailed, analytical and an effective communicator. ● Must have a BA in Accounting and 7-10 years’ experience in a staff accounting role or higher. ● Must have a strong understanding of QuickBooks Online ● Must have experience in software implementation, project management, and client success ● Great project management, time management, and documentation skills ● Proven delivery of outcomes in client or project-based environments in either a consultative or project management capacity ● Understanding of implementation principles and metrics ● Comfortable demonstrating to and interacting with clients to resolve and understand services they will be consuming ● Organized and meticulous calendar practices with an ability to bring together matrixed client environments and people Technical skills ● Exhibits a high-level understanding of portal functionality ● Manages project workflow from beginning to end ● Recognizes potential issues early in the engagement ● Demonstrates expert knowledge and understanding of analytical tools and technical issues ● Expert knowledge of QBO