JOB TITLE: Website Designer

Each job posting will vary according to the needs of the hiring person / company. These job descriptions are only to give a general idea of the typical skills and requirements for this type of job posting.


A Website Designer is responsible for planning and building complete websites focusing on the layout, overall appearance and functionality of the website. Must have an in-depth understanding of web design and artistic talent to create visually appealing websites.


The successful candidate must possess the following core skills:

  • Excellent communication skills, including verbal and written skills, and proper grammar and spelling.
  • Must be proficient with WordPress (or Joomla or other chosen web platform).
  • Have the ability to post and edit pages.
  • Ability to update an existing site correctly.
  • Ability to meet critical deadlines.
  • Possess good time management skills.

Other possible skills:

  • Basic knowledge of HTML/CSS
  • Knowledge of how to post and modify widgets as needed.
  • Working knowledge of Google Analytics, Webmaster tools & AdWords platforms
  • Knowledge of the differences in web browsers and operating systems.

Specialized skills:

  • Basic knowledge of Photoshop
  • Search Engine Optimization techniques
  • Familiarity with FTP/SFTP


  • Work station is located in a room with a door to avoid distractions.
  • If necessary, babysitting services are arranged to provide a time slot of undisturbed, focused attention to details.


  • Desktop computer
  • Internet connection
  • Telephone

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