Each job posting will vary according to the needs of the hiring person / company. These job descriptions are only to give a general idea of the typical skills and requirements for this type of job posting.


The accounting / bookkeeper is responsible for maintaining the financial records of a company by accurately recording the day to day financial transactions. They will perform a range of general clerical, accounting and bookkeeping support functions within a business. Must be knowledgeable of accounting software such as Quickbooks. Must be able to post invoices, cash receipts, supplier invoices and related financial transactions as well as reconcile accounts to ensure their accuracy.


The successful candidate must possess the following core skills:

  • Must have accounting or bookkeeping experience including accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger and financial reports
  • Able to reconcile accounts to bank statements.
  • Produce and send out financial reports.
  • Must be experienced in generating and sending invoices to customers, tracking payments, corresponding with vendors and customers.
  • Review/resolve any discrepancies.
  • Must be able to keep client matters strictly confidential.

Other possible skills:

  • Quickbooks – management, data entry, reports, creating categories & accounts.
  • Download transactions from bank and credit cards online.
  • Deposit accounts receivables into client bank accounts.
  • Handle payroll.
  • Knowledge of regulatory requirements of processing payroll accounting transactions and payroll returns.
  • Assist accountants on tax return preparation.
  • Generate 1099’s and W-2’s.
  • Perform other duties as assigned from time to time by accountants or partners.

Specialized skills:

  • Set up monthly virtual meetings.
  • Dropbox, TeamworkPM, Xero experience a plus.
  • May be required to be a Notary Public.


  • Work station is located in a room with a door to avoid distractions.
  • If necessary, babysitting services are arranged to provide a time slot of undisturbed, focused attention to details.


  • Desktop computer
  • Internet connection
  • Telephone

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